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How Monitoring Contact Center Technology Can Solve Common..

Contact center technology can be a beast: powerful, difficult to control and if there's something wrong with it, it can be tricky to figure out what exactly it is.

Monitoring contact center technology helps you tame the beast and understand it's behavior better.

This enables you to predict reactions based on previous patterns and ultimately resolve issues before they ever even happen.

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What is Call Recording Assurance?

Call Recording Assurance checks that all calls that are required to be recorded for legislation and regulatory purposes are actually recorded. It...

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Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments - video

Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments to understand how it can help your organization better manage and optimize its payments ecosystem....

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IR Prognosis for Contact Center

The contact center is the cornerstone for delivering outstanding customer experience. The explosion of omnichannel and ever-evolving technology...

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Ensure Digital Transformation Success with IR

Digital transformation is changing the way we do business. But it relies on a new generation of technology, operating in real-time. What happens if...

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Skype for Business Deployment Checklist

Many organizations are embracing the power of Skype for Business, whether it’s purely for internal Instant Messaging and presence or increasingly as the core unified communications platform for telephony, collaboration and audio/video/web conferencing.

If your organization is considering a Skype for Business deployment or is already using Skype for Business (or its predecessor Lync), this checklist will highlight critical areas to address to...

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The Future of Contact Centers & How to Develop a Winning CX

New Contact Center practices must pivot around embedding quality customer experience into the fabric of the Contact Center. This eBook will cover:

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 23 MIN READ

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