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Call analysis - why it's vital for your business

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In today's global business world, contact centers are the central hubs - or frontline - for communication between businesses and clientele. An efficient contact center streamlines and maximizes service and support to create quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CRM equips a business with the means to deepen its relationships with clientele, service users, partners, colleagues and suppliers. Call center analytics monitor and help to improve a vast range of service metrics, including efficiency, call times, First Call Resolution (FCR), employee performance and customer satisfaction. Data and analytics provide the connection between businesses and profitability.

The advantages of call analysis

Call center analytics software is used to monitor and review performance data. This data applies not only from a customer viewpoint, but also from the employee’s perspective, as well as top level management. Call analysis monitors call data in real time to ensure voice quality, good connection and availability, and that critical systems are problem-free. This means your sales team or customer service advisors can deliver superior customer experience every time someone calls your organization.

Improving service quality

The main goal of any call monitoring strategy is to boost a contact center's productivity. From a quantitative perspective, this could mean increasing call capacity, fielding more support issues or finalizing more sales. From a qualitative perspective, call monitoring can improve:

First Call Resolution

This metric is an indicator of how easily callers reach a solution to an issue. Analysis of FCR is a valuable and important insight into customer satisfaction. The more streamlined the process of interacting with your business, the more likely your clients will continue to deal with your company.

Call abandonment/average wait time

Analysis of data on call abandonment and wait time is important to measure the productivity of your team. Calls that are constantly put on hold, or high call abandonment leads to dissatisfied clientele and a negative effect on your company.

Average time to respond

Analysis of this metric will give you a sense of your capacity to respond to your customers or potential clients quickly and efficiently. Monitoring efficiency gives you an idea of your business's service quality and potential for growth.

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Call monitoring for a better customer and employee experience

Your call team's phone presence has a direct relationship with client satisfaction. Achieving the fine balance between the process of saving your clients effort and giving them quick resolutions and counsel is tricky to pull off. This is where call monitoring comes into its own.

An important aspect of analysis of the customer experience is achieving and maintaining consistency. Data gathered can help reduce employee turnover, as well as give you insights on your call team's morale, soft and hard skills, their strengths and weaknesses. A strong call team results in a vast improvement in your business's services. Call analysis and tracking can identify where members of your team may be struggling, allowing managers and trainers to take steps toward resolving issues.

Call center quality assurance

Call analysis allows you to intercept problems before they reach your clientele. Call analysis provides you with the data and information to reveal when something isn't working properly - before it impacts your clients.

According to a McKinsey report, advanced analytics has fundamentally changed the role of call centers from a 'basic service to a strategic differentiator that can make dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and financial performance'. Advance analytics can reduce average handle time by up to 40%, cut employee costs by up to $5 million, and boost conversion rates on sales calls by nearly 50%.

Challenges of creating an analytics-driven call center

There's no doubt that call analysis results in improved client satisfaction and employee engagement, but many companies are still not taking advantage of the opportunities that advanced call analytics offer. Many businesses don't have the necessary infrastructure in place, or find it cost prohibitive to implement due to organizational structures and processes, legacy IT systems or other challenges.

Integrating data across channels

Many organizations have contact centers functioning in silos. Even though, by default these centers can harvest data and analytics, they don't have the means to aggregate that data into a single area to analyze it properly and put it to use. Additionally, the teams responsible for quality, workforce management and digital often don't have access to the same data.

Linking analysis to insights

It's all well and good to gather data and analytics, but it's crucial to be able to translate that information into action and fully capitalize on it. For example using FCR and customer satisfaction metrics to create a better user experience or transformative impact.

Using the right performance management tool

Implementing call monitoring and management tools will have a positive impact on your business. But most importantly, you need a monitoring tool that runs across all channels with a dashboard that collates the data and analytics of each channel. You need to see gauges for each channel, and and alerts for when SLA performance is dropping so you can put that data to good use.

IR Collaborate for contact centers will give you full visibility into your entire contact center environment. Offering:

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Inside-out, outside-in testing
  • Historical data
  • Real time analysis and reporting
  • Proactive alerts
  • Omni-channel and multi-channel support
  • Comprehensive root-cause analytics
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premises technology

All of this and much more, from one dashboard, with a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Monitoring your contact center technology is critical for ensuring you're delivering the experience your customers expect and deserve.

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