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Company Overview

Integrated Research (ASX: IRI) is a leading global software company, providing performance and experience management solutions for the world's most critical mission ecosystems.

Our real-time analytics, fast troubleshooting, dynamic alerts, comprehensive reporting and customisable
dashboards deliver a seamless user experience across three main product areas.

Investment highlights:

  • Established 30 years ago
  • Over 600 clients - greater than 25% of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Strong global tailwinds across collaboration and payments products and solutions
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Self-funding new generation cloud-based products and solutions

Our Products:

  • Collaborate - Solutions to simplify complex unified communications, collaboration and contact center environments
  • Transact - Solutions to help manage complex  payments ecosystems and turn transaction data into intelligent insight.
  • Infrastructure - Solutions to optimise HPE-NonStop and build a solid foundation for business critical systems.
Collaborate Market Drivers Transact Market Drivers
Structural market change - Cloud based application and solutions creating more flexibility for businesses to operate across multiple environments. Structural market change Entrenched behavioural change by consumers and businesses to non-cash payment methods.
Expanding workplace environments - remote working is creating multiple workplaces for our customers, leading to increasing user licences. Expanding payment types and channels - Increasing use of debit and credit cards due to more from factors and channels, real-time 'push' payments displacing legacy batch payments. Real-time 'requested' payments will drive further demand.
Increasing complexity -  Additional multi-vendor communications products, applications and devices create increasing likelihood of systems issues snd failures. Increasing complexity -  Additional systems, applications and vendors creates increasing likelihood of systems issues and failures.
New products - Opportunity to upsell and cross-sell multiple solutions to address expanding customer communications footprint. Increasing user expectations - Higher expectations for seamless payment experiences from users drives demand for better outcomes.
Increasing user expectations - Higher expectations for seamless communications experiences from users drives demand for better outcomes. Data driven decision making - Increasingly, payments businesses seek to monetize insights from their data, to drive customer acquisition, grow revenue and optimise costs.

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Integrated Research Limited 

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