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Optimize your NonStop environment with IR Infrastructure

Success is built on a solid foundation. With the pace of business continuing to accelerate, infrastructure must be strong enough to handle increased demand, yet agile enough to evolve with needs.

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Optimize the mission-critical environments that connect our world


Assure the systems that your business depends on

Ensure your infrastructure is running effectively to support the business-critical systems you rely on every day.

  • Quickly drill down into the root-cause of issues to minimize the impact to your operations
  • Get real-time visibility from a single view and manage your environment with precision
  • Stay in control with automated alerts and dynamic thresholds

Build a solid foundation for success

Take control of your environment and ensure your infrastructure capacity aligns with the evolving requirements of your business.

  • See your data your way with customizable dashboards and displays
  • Detailed analytics and reporting give you deep visibility into system performance
  • Uncover actionable insights and make adjustments that better meet the specific needs of your business

Hear more from our Customers

I need to be able to tell what happened by location, by user, by transaction and IR Infrastructure actually gave me that capability.

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Henry Wu

CIO @ Mindray


IR Infrastructure Business Insight

Customizable, shared and simplified reports in easy-to-consume formats designed for non-technical stakeholders to understand performance trends.

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