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Experience Monitoring Software for the Hybrid Workplace

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To support the work-from-anywhere model, companies have had to increase their investment in remote infrastructure and collaboration tools and software to ensure that every remote worker has an optimal experience, and can maintain productivity.

As a result, many organizations find it challenging to get the level of control and insight they need to resolve performance issues for users communicating and collaborating outside the corporate office.

In this blog, we'll discuss the ways in which organizations can gain visibility and insights into their remote IT environments. Insights provided by monitoring software enables businesses control over how they manage data, optimize employees' experience and ultimately avoid debilitating downtime.

Why insight monitoring software & tools are important

The cloud is like a massive storage infrastructure that makes remote working possible, and allows remote access to files, data, communication methods and information when needed, from any device or location.

Cloud computing processes also generate vast amounts of data, and this requires the right insight monitoring system to analyze it all.

The cloud will host more than 100 zettabytes of data by 2025

Insight monitoring gives businesses the ability to see their entire IT infrastructure, and with the right monitoring software they can see it all from a single monitoring viewpoint.

The insights provided by monitoring enables business managers and stakeholders to take full control over IT processes, and make informed decisions for the benefit of the company.

True end-to-end system and user observability is essential for an outspread workforce. It empowers organizations to monitor and manage performance issues and create great experiences for employees and customers.

The benefits of insight monitoring

In a proactive way, insight monitoring tools take on the task of automatic troubleshooting and problem detection, that was previously a manual process reserved for IT teams.

So the right monitoring software effectively becomes a fresh energy source for employees, not only maximizing performance and output, but providing a level of control that can enable better data analytics, business management, increased productivity and more.

Making the remote and hybrid workplace work

The actionable insights provided by monitoring software can create innovative new ways to connect people from wherever they are. It offers deep insight into system data to understand, track and monitor employee satisfaction with the tools, apps and devices they're using, and provide support for remote workers when needed.

Fast problem resolution, less time managing resources

Monitoring software is built to respond to problems quickly, reducing downtime by identifying impacted applications and users before it affects productivity. This results in higher service levels and the elimination of time-consuming manual tasks. With this level of visibility, organizations can better manage resources and spend more time innovating. 

Visibility from a single pane of glass

A unified insight monitoring solution allows visibility into core physical and virtual metrics and provides insights into usage and tasks, connecting the distributed parts of your environment under a centralized platform.

Operational Efficiency

With built-in reporting capabilities, insight monitoring empowers organizations to view and address performance issues that could otherwise derail employee and customer experiences, resulting in the loss of valuable time, money, and resources.

Call quality and customer experience

In a customer-facing industry like contact centers, customers are a number one priority. It's critical to monitor call quality throughout every contact center system to efficiently identify problems in real time, and optimize customer experience.

Video conferencing performance

Video calling and meetings are a huge part of remote working. With call participants spread over multiple locations and time zones, using various different devices, monitoring the functions of these different components is vital to maintain quality and connectivity.

How IR's RemoteInsight can help 

RemoteInsight has been designed specifically as a remote digital experience management solution that enables organizations to get deeper insight into any issues experienced by users, no matter which device or apps they're using, or where they're located.

Contact center management

Available as part of the Collaborate suite of solutions, RemoteInsight will monitor your contact center system and enterprise organizations with remote workers, to help create great interactions and an immediate resolution to any issues.

This extensive level of insight not only detects the fact that a remote user is experiencing a problem, it identifies the problem, where and when it's occurring, troubleshoots the specific fault and provides a resolution.

Broad multi-vendor coverage

RemoteInsight is the most comprehensive digital experience management solution in the market. It can pinpoint the exact source of any issues across multi-vendor apps and devices, as well as providing insight into 22 critical performance metrics, including evaluating a remote user's computer health, ISP, home network, firewalls and more.

Deep remote user insight

  • Access comprehensive data collection to better understand issues.

  • Analyze a remote user's wireless signal strength, firewall issues, ISP contention and much more.

  • Customize tests sets to gather the information most critical to you.


Solve problems from anywhere

  • Quickly identify and resolve remote user performance and experience issues.

  • Pinpoint root-cause and make recommendations to improve experience.

  • Make simulated VoIP calls to investigate issues and determine their source.

IR RemoteInsight

Easy to use and deploy

  • Users can initiate tests at a time that is convenient to them.

  • No remote installation is needed and no new firewall ports are required.

  • Gather real-time information from a range of sources like wireless performance, IP configuration, and system information.

    LAN Device Discovery Report

Every organization wants to increase productivity, while maintaining the satisfaction levels of customers and employees. RemoteInsight with its rich features such as reporting, monitoring and remote control has been designed for complete integration with your IT system, ensuring access to critical information when they need it.

Find out more about how RemoteInsight is creating great remote working experiences

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