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Real-time in the real world - Tracking, Monitoring and Managing..

2020 changed the way we do business, and how we pay for goods and services, and this has...

Payments Blog • 7 MIN READ

Tapping into the power of real-time payments data

Innovation is touching nearly every facet of the payments industry, from cryptocurrency and digital wallets to buy-now-pay-later and real-time. A system once based on barter-and-trade now offers consumers and businesses numerous channels to make their transactions.

Payments Blog • 5 MIN READ

Webinar: Payments Analytics and Improving the Merchant..

In a recent webinar hosted by Anna Byrne, Head of Marketing at IR, and Kevin Johnson, VP of Sales for IR Transact, we...

Payments Blog • 5 MIN READ

How real time transaction insights drive business growth

Every industry in the world today is driven by information and data. In fact, without it, businesses can no longer...

Payments Blog • 6 MIN READ

Data sovereignty vs data residency: What’s the difference..

The terms ‘data sovereignty’ and ‘data residency’ can be a source of confusion for organizations who manage data across...

Payments Blog • 6 MIN READ

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Public, private or hybrid cloud? Finding the balance for..

The banking and financial services industry is facing massive pressure to fall into line with other global industries...

Payments Blog • 6 MIN READ

Localizing your payments strategy to maximize growth

The rapid rise of eCommerce, spurred on exponentially by the pandemic, has broken down economic borders, enabling many...

Payments Blog • 6 MIN READ

6 reasons banks should monitor high value payments

While the world of high value payments may be somewhat niche, these types of payments are critically important to the...

Payments Blog • 4 MIN READ

Why Now is the Time for Real-Time

Sustained disruption in the world economic arena has prompted the unprecedented growth and an accelerated a shift...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

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