Are you delivering superior customer service?

Optimize customer satisfaction and user experience with voice, web and video testing

If customer service is the lifeblood of your business, then a great customer experience must be at the heart. It’s essential that your unified communications and contact center technology is working well – all the time.

With IR Collaborate voice, web and video testing solutions you can identify the gaps between your assumptions and actual system performance, and get the real-time insights you need to deliver a level of service that exceeds customer expectations.

Deploy new technology with confidence

Go live with confidence

Minimize the potential for disruption and make sure new technology has a positive impact because it works as intended. Outside-in, end-to-end performance testing ensures your customers’ experience will be exceptional.

Handle peak traffic with ease

Load test to ensure performance

Have confidence that your unified communications and contact center systems can handle full and peak load scenarios. Avoid downtime by stress testing voice, web and video under real-world conditions.

Maximize customer satisfaction

Deliver a great customer experience - every time

Automated, outside-in testing lets you know what your customers and users are experiencing in your production environment. Get detailed, real-time insight into voice, web, and video availability, performance, and quality of service to elevate customer satisfaction.

Proactively manage UC and CC performance

Solve problems before they impact customers

Find and fix issues quickly with automatic alerts pinpointing problems like system unavailable, long response times, packet loss, jitter, latency, picture quality, etc. Proactively test all the components in your UC and CC environments to ensure optimal performance.

Test voice, web and video interactions

Test voice, web and video under real-world conditions

User experience is critical! Be confident your UC, collaboration, and contact center systems deliver an exceptional one with real-time testing, under real-world conditions to verify capacity, performance, stability, and resilience.

HeartBeat generates alerts for 300+ customer experience-impacting issues every day

Avoid basic availability issues and stop systems ghosting your customers

95% of StressTest engagements identify serious customer experience-impacting issues


Enterprise UC

Get end-to-end visibility across your entire multi-vendor UC ecosystem, so that you can quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve UC related issues.

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Service Providers

Get access to real-time data and insights across all your customers on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

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Contact Centers

Reduce helpdesk calls and troubleshooting time with automated intelligent alerts that predict problems based on trends and real-time events.

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Meeting Rooms

Ensure seamless user experience in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces with remote management and monitoring for voice and video conference tools.

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Customer Experience Validation and Testing Solutions helped identify issues with SIP trunks, Quality of Service (QoS), coding and more

Introducing something new can always cause a little uncertainty.

So as Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) No. 1 worked to deploy a new IVR system, staff knew it must ensure its 350,000 customers could continue easily making contact using the new platform.

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Snohomish County

The testing helped us identify issues with SIP trunks, Quality of Service (QoS), coding and more.


Kristi Sterling

Senior Project Manager @ Snohomish County

Commonly tested platforms include:

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