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Prognosis enables real-time visibility for EFTEX

Customer Stories • 1.33 MIN PLAY

A complete picture of your payments environment with...

Prognosis helps A2B Australia get a full view of their payments environment. Massimo Bonato, Head of Technical Operations, explains how they use live monitoring to keep track of their transactions and work more efficiently.

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Carry an ace up your sleeve with IR

Jon Beaver, Managed Services Platform Engineer at Presidio, outlines how IR's solutions have added a layer of professionalism, intelligence and...

Customer Stories • 2.09 MIN PLAY

IR is an absolute game-changer for Asurion

Find out why Adam Geffner, Principal Architect at Asurion, thinks IR's solutions are an “absolute game-changer.” Adam discusses how IR gives them a...

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Juniper Networks move from Reactive to Proactive

Balu Ilag, Senior Telco Engineer at Juniper Networks, details how Prognosis helped them change the way they work by avoiding downtime, saving time...

Customer Stories • 1.07 MIN PLAY

Prognosis puts the power back in NTT's hands

Corey Ingleton, Lead Prognosis Architect at NTT, talks about how Prognosis empowered their operators to quickly and confidently monitor...

Customer Stories • 2.36 MIN PLAY

Texas Tech brings chaos into order

Mark Wright and Edmanuel Ferrer-Lebron from Texas Tech University describe how Prognosis helped them change the way they work. Real-time insights...

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IR gives BT end customers cloud Unified..

BT is a leading global communications service provider. They combine their global strengths in networking, cloud-based unified collaboration,...

Customer Stories • 2.46 MIN PLAY

Prognosis delivers historical analysis, real-time..

A European banking and financial services company active in forty countries worldwide and serving approximately 10 million customers.

Customer Stories • 4 MIN READ

IR Testing Solutions ensures bulletproof..

Southern Company is one of the largest energy providers in the United States. Based in Atlanta, Ga., Southern Company owns electric utilities in four...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis delivers pinpoint accuracy when and..

Prudential Global Data Services (PGDS) is the IT management arm of the Prudential Group of Companies and manages over six thousand VoIP end points.


Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis helps Snohomish County Public Utility..

Introducing something new can always cause a little uncertainty.

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis finds the needle in the haystack.

What’s going on?

An innovator of contact center solutions was upgrading its Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure when big problems struck.


Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis brings flexible and mobile performance..

Strategic Payments Services (SPS) is a successful and modern payments processing company providing a full range of solutions and services for...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis unlocks the value of transaction data..

Fifth Third Processing Solutions needed a greater understanding of transactions flowing through its distributed point-ofsale applications so it could...

Customer Stories • 4 MIN READ

IP Integration increases business efficiency and..

IP Integration Ltd. was experiencing poor voice quality and a lack of visibility into its managed Unified Communications and managed Contact Center...

Customer Stories • 2 MIN READ

Prognosis improves Skype for Business user..

ROSEN is a worldwide provider of cutting-edge technology solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain suiting a wide range of industries:...

Customer Stories • 2 MIN READ

Prognosis deciphers Skype for Business complexity..

Swisscom is the number one ICT services company in Switzerland. Their service portfolio covers services such as single private customer over small...

Customer Stories • 2 MIN READ

IR Prognosis enables automated UC health check..

Telindus, is a leader in converged ICT and telecom services in Luxembourg. They provide comprehensive Unified Communications & Collaboration...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis enables creative deep solutions in..


CDW is a leading technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations in the US, Canada and the UK. CDW...

Customer Stories • 1.35 MIN PLAY

HCL needed a global view of a multi-vendor UC..

HCL Technologies supplies VoIP troubleshooting, reporting and service level measurement for one of the largest electric distribution and transmission...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

NSC Global Limited improves voice quality and..

NSC Global Limited was experiencing poor voice quality within its complex multi-vendor UC environment. It was difficult to get to the root cause when...

Customer Stories • 2 MIN READ

Mindray and Prognosis - a winning combination

In Shenzhen, China you’ll find Mindray Medical International Limited, the country’s largest medical equipment manufacturer.

Customer Stories • 4 MIN READ

Black Friday. 72 hours and counting. And Black is..

Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in the US is just 72 hours away.  And if last years figures are anything to go by, this year’s online...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis delivers complex multi-vendor..

One of the ten largest banks in the U.S. with over 85,000 employees. Offering a wide range of retail, small business and commercial banking products...

Customer Stories • 4 MIN READ

Wipro was tasked to manage a multi- national..

Wipro was tasked to manage a multinational company’s global Cisco IP telephony system. This meant bringing the right combination of products and...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Client Services Contact Center protects client..

Missouri based Client Services Inc. is a full service receivables management and teleservices provider.

It takes pride in delivering the best...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Rabobank Monitors Transactions 24/7

Rabobank, a global leader in the banking industry, authorizes 1.3 billion card transactions a year.

In order to provide 24/7 operations and support,...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

Cabcharge needed more visibility into the..

To provide more customised payment systems for drivers and passengers, Cabcharge executives made the decision to upgrade their payments switch.

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ

CSI Maximizing Operational Efficiency with..

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) is one of the nation’s largest providers of dynamic technology solutions that help financial institutions and corporate...

Customer Stories • 3 MIN READ
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