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Finding a Unified Communications Monitoring Solution

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In the modern business world, a seamlessly functioning Unified Communications system is mission critical.

Every day, organizations use technologies like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco collaboration tools and other vendor software applications as part of their UC framework.

Monitoring and improving user experience for these solutions is vital, because when users experience problems with these applications, it immediately impacts productivity, and in many cases, can cost an organization valuable time and money.

But how do you know where problems are occurring? Is it a provider's platform issue? Something to do with a home network or an endpoint device? Without unified communications monitoring, IT Teams can quickly become bogged down trying to determine the source of a problem.

What Is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

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What is unified communications monitoring?

A unified communications monitor provides a safety net that can keep your entire UC infrastructure from crumbling.

Whether your UC systems are on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud, unified communications monitoring solutions like IR Collaborate are specifically designed to monitor the performance of your VoIP calls, video conferencing tools, devices and applications.

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A UC monitoring tool collects data that gives you actionable insights into call quality by diagnosing the root cause of problems, reporting performance issues, generating alerts and providing resources that allow organizations complete visibility through a single pane of glass.

With unified communications monitoring solutions, you can not only troubleshoot issues as they occur, but even prevent them from recurring, which will vastly improve quality of service.

Benefits of monitoring unified communications systems

With the massive shift to remote and hybrid working, and the continued introduction of new technology, organizations need a real time, end-to-end picture of what’s going on inside their communications infrastructure more than ever.

The benefits of unified communications monitoring are many. Generally, monitoring solutions provide increased visibility and can optimize network reliability. It can help you to understand network usage, and keep compliance and security requirements under control.

Benefits of UC

Specifically, unified communications monitoring benefits everyone in an organization, as well as customers and clients:

  • Monitoring supports remote workers by ensuring quality of service for UCaaS applications

  • Monitoring helps to ensure call quality on every device in your network

  • By being able to monitor application and device performance, and collecting data for analysis, monitoring tools provide valuable insights into customer experience.

  • Unified communications monitoring benefits network administrators by helping them quickly detect device or connection failures, traffic bottlenecks that limit data flow and other problems that would otherwise take much longer to resolve.

  • Network Monitoring tools allow better management of data security by allowing you to identify weaknesses in your network, making it harder for hackers and cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access.


    Monitoring software must-haves

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Making the hybrid workplace work

Within a hybrid unified communications framework, there are likely to be multiple devices, software applications and other technologies being used simultaneously, with people working in several spread out locations, and often in different time zones.

Unified communications in a hybrid framework

Without state-of-the-art UC monitoring and performance management tools like IR Collaborate, organizations would have no hope of managing all this.

Businesses shouldn't have to worry about malfunctioning equipment or poor VoIP quality, sub-par video connectivity and frequent system availability issues.

The primary consideration is to make sure all services, software and systems work seamlessly and that users have a good experience.

Creating great connections and simplifying collaboration complexity 

In today's working world, we depend on an increasingly complex array of technologies to get our jobs done.

Companies need always-working service availability. They also need to meet Quality of Service (QoS) standards and have the ability to access analytics, insights and reports.

Additionally, they need the ongoing support of a monitoring tool to keep unified communications services and contact centers running as they should.

Monitoring unified communications systems

How IR Collaborate can help

At Integrated Research (IR) our primary aim is to simplify complexity with your UC network. More than 1,000 companies in over 60 countries rely on IR’s experience management tools to optimize their business-critical systems.

No matter which vendors you're using for your VoIP services, video calling, or cloud applications, IR can monitor your entire unified communications ecosystem.

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