Policies and Statements

Trading Policy

The Company‟s trading policy is designed to avoid the possibility that misunderstandings or suspicions might arise and is part of the employee induction kit to be issued to all employees on their first day of employment.

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Nomination & Remuneration

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is a committee of the board of directors and is empowered by the board to assist it in fulfilling its responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders.

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Charter of Board Responsibilities

This Charter sets out the objectives, responsibilities and framework for operation of the Board as established under the Constitution of Integrated Research Limited

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Audit and Risk Committee Charter

The Audit and Risk Committee is a Committee of the board of directors and is empowered by the board to assist it in fulfilling its responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders.

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Company Code of Conduct

This Policy applies to all employees of, and contractors to, the Company regardless of the employee’s location.

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Director Share Ownership Policy

This policy applies to all non-executive directors of the company for the period of their employment.

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Anti-Bribery Policy

Laws prohibiting bribery exist around the globe, and IR is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in this domain.

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Continuous Disclosure Policy

This policy applies to all Officers, global employees and contractors of Integrated Research Limited and its subsidiaries.

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Modern Slavery Statement

This statement outlines our approach to strengthen our policies and operations in line with the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act and the Australian Modern Slavery Act. 

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Whistleblower Policy

This policy supports the Company's commitment to corporate compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance.

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Diversity Policy

This policy outlines the Company's commitment to creating an inclusive environment in which diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds are valued and utilised.

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Australian Workplace Gender Equality Report (WGEA)

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act), IR lodged its annual compliance report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency)

  • Workplace Profile Table
  • Public Questionnaire
  • Workforce Management Statistics Table

The Act provides for IR security holders to comment on the report either to IR directly, or to the Agency. Please refer to the Agency’s guidelines on this process on their website.

Public Questionnaire
Workforce Statistics Corporate group – Public Report
Workplace Profile Corporate group – Public Report