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While HP removes boundaries for NonStop, Prognosis opens..

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Visualization is becoming even more important - NonStop...

One of the major characteristics of Prognosis is its ability to project an image of all that is transpiring on your NonStop system. Throughout the years, NonStop users have relied upon what is being depicted to tell them if there are resource issues looming and whether applications are failing or otherwise experiencing difficulties. However, what...

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Unearthing Important Gems for NonStop Users

Riding the interstate system back to Boulder, Colorado, after attending events on the east coast may be the last time this season that I get time to enjoy the coming of fall from many different perspectives as I pass through maples that will shortly turn red and then beech and aspens that shortly will be blindingly gold. It was just a matter of hours ago that I was strolling the sandy beaches of Cape Hatteras on North Carolina's outer banks. To...

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There's still the need for skilled personnel - Prognosis..

These past few weeks I have been embroiled in numerous conversations about the direction being taken by automation. Whether it's a factory production line, a farm or even related to planes and cars, automation seems to be at the fore of most predictions about the likely future for us all. No longer tied to doing anything by rote, in theory we should be capable of free thinking and coming up with new ideas as leading vendors, including HPE, view...

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The future of servers keeps changing but Prognosis let's..

Baseball legend Yogi Berra was always capable of reeling off quotes that stunned his audiences. Perhaps no more so than when he made references to the future proclaiming as he did on one occasion of how, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." He also was quick to point out that, "the future ain't what it used to be." As someone who likes to imagine where technology will take us I can well do to listen to Yogi Berra as the...

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NonStop: Engineered for the Highest Availability

I have been writing numerous posts and commentaries about the vision, strategy and goals of HPE, particularly when it comes to its Mission Critical Server, the NonStop X. It's hard not to see statements of one type or another originating with HPE splashed across media channels. I am not a big twitter's user, but even I have been impressed by just how many tweets there have been of late concerning high level messages in support of HPE's vision.

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NonStop X and Hybrids - diversity warrants better monitoring

I am in full-on preparation for an upcoming webinar I will be delivering jointly, with IR's Jack van Meel. The presentation has been titled, House of Cards: NonStop X & Hybrid Computing and while it's something I am looking forward to, the topic has aroused interest over just how different the NonStop X is proving to be. This is not to say it's a case of bad news but rather, there is now much to be excited about in this latest implementation of...

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NonStop X - a lot to take in and monitor, of course

There's always something exciting in the air when IR throws its semi-annual sales update event. Exciting, because the energy of the participants is palpable and the business results are always upbeat – IR continues to fire on all cylinders. Walking into the meetings I was unprepared for just how successful a first half-year had turned out to be, and I was regaled by stories of success pretty much everywhere I turned. For me, the best news of all...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

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