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While HP removes boundaries for NonStop, Prognosis opens the gate

Delegates have returned from the major NonStop community event in Germany and for many,...

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Visualization is becoming even more important - NonStop...

One of the major characteristics of Prognosis is its ability to project an image of all that is transpiring on your NonStop system. Throughout the years, NonStop users have relied upon what is being depicted to tell them if there are resource issues looming and whether applications are failing or otherwise experiencing difficulties. However, what...

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Unearthing Important Gems for NonStop Users

Riding the interstate system back to Boulder, Colorado, after attending events on the east coast may be the last time this season that I get time to enjoy the coming of fall from many different perspectives as I pass through maples that will shortly turn red and then beech and...

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There's still the need for skilled personnel - Prognosis..

These past few weeks I have been embroiled in numerous conversations about the direction being taken by automation. Whether it's a factory production line, a farm or even related to planes and cars, automation seems to be at the fore of most predictions about the likely future...

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The future of servers keeps changing but Prognosis let's..

Baseball legend Yogi Berra was always capable of reeling off quotes that stunned his audiences. Perhaps no more so than when he made references to the future proclaiming as he did on one occasion of how, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." He also was...

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NonStop? Enterprise Transformations? Increased complexity -..

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in delivering a number of webinars and, hopefully, in the New Year, there will be further sessions developed. What I like about webinars is their intimacy with the audience – in this case, the well-informed NonStop community – and the...

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NonStop: Engineered for the Highest Availability

I have been writing numerous posts and commentaries about the vision, strategy and goals of HPE, particularly when it comes to its Mission Critical Server, the NonStop X. It's hard not to see statements of one type or another originating with HPE splashed across media channels....

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

NonStop X and Hybrids - diversity warrants better monitoring

I am in full-on preparation for an upcoming webinar I will be delivering jointly, with IR's Jack van Meel. The presentation has been titled, House of Cards: NonStop X & Hybrid Computing and while it's something I am looking forward to, the topic has aroused interest over just...

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

NonStop X - a lot to take in and monitor, of course

There's always something exciting in the air when IR throws its semi-annual sales update event. Exciting, because the energy of the participants is palpable and the business results are always upbeat – IR continues to fire on all cylinders. Walking into the meetings I was...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

More payments processing, more network switches, more..

If the need is for IR to ensure that customers and prospects alike know where Prognosis is headed, even as it's recognized company wide that all involved within IR need to know as well, then it's a given that on balance, where these customers and prospects are headed is equally...

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

More NonStop transactions? More for Prognosis to monitor!

If generating buzz about a company or a product is a good thing then creating even bigger buzz has to be a very good thing, and a bigger buzz was obvious to all who participated in this year's IR sales kick-off. Participants not only included all those involved in sales in the...

HPE NonStop Blog • 4 MIN READ

Monitoring and protecting NonStop - too extreme for us?

This past month has proved to be particularly newsworthy, and for many reasons: HP made another acquisition that many consider significant for its cloud computing endeavors, even as Apple shook up the payments processing industry. China's computing industry made itself heard...

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

It's event time - NonStop meets in Munich

There's always something in the air as events season kicks off in earnest. Even as I write this post I know of many have made plans to head to Munich, Germany, for the Connect GTUG - IT Symposium and the turn-out looks to be on track to be better than in previous years.

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

It's about growth and new opportunities for NonStop X

On March 31, 2015, HP NonStop took the wraps of the first model of the new NonStop X family of products – the NonStop X NS7 X1. On that day, I posted Here comes NonStop X and here's to another decade or two, or four, of NonStop excitement! to the NonStop community blog, Real...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

HPE is delivering on its promise for NonStop - it's now..

For the past couple of months I have been very much focused on HPE messages looking at HPE's vision, strategy and goals as they pertain to Mission Critical Systems. This is the organization where NonStop systems reside and as we all come to better appreciate where HPE is headed...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

How ready are NonStop users for hybrid infrastructure?

In my last post, Servers: Big Data, Clouds and Hybrids are changing landscape but Prognosis sees all, I referenced my imminent departure for Las Vegas where HPE Discover 2016 was being held. Now that I have returned from HPE Discover 2016, I can honestly reiterate that indeed,...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

Here comes NonStop X and here's to another decade or two,..

It's been a little over a year since the NonStop community heard the news that HP was adding support for the Intel x86 architecture and now the day has come. It's here with the first model, the HP NonStop X NS7 X1 just announced!

HPE NonStop Blog • 9 MIN READ

Half Time Approaches: What will 2016 bring for NonStop &..

At this time of year for most folks living in the U.S. it's not only a time for celebrating the holidays but also watching as your college football team heads to the playoffs. Newly instigated only a year or so ago, after more than a century debating which team is actually the...

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Get Greater Insight into NonStop Operations

There can be little argument against business enterprises growing concerns with security. Not just security from the perspective of protecting valuable IT resources from physical harm but the more insidious stealth attacks on company and personal information.

HPE NonStop Blog • 4 MIN READ

Freedom of choice focuses NonStop users on visualization..

When you look at the IT Industry there's a single question many of the major vendors are ducking, for now. Well, perhaps not entirely true, but certainly the subject of some deep soul-searching and it has to do with branding! More specifically, we identify with our major vendor...

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For NonStop users the projected upward path of Prognosis..

Fixing a trajectory has relevance in many fields. Whether it's simply casting a tow line from a tugboat to an oil tanker or simply a shore-man dockside catching the ropes from a docking cruise ship, comprehending trajectories are important as they save time and lead to smoother...

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For NonStop there's no downside to monitoring unidentified..

As an unabashed car guy, it's as though I am living at the end of times. Just as today we only have equine enthusiasts lovingly tending to horses and steam engine enthusiasts maintain a few miles of track for the trains they dote on, so too, I suspect, in a short few years real...

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Delivering Value for NonStop X Users

IR has been providing value to the NonStop community for more than 25 years. Many people view IR's system and application performance management solution, Prognosis, as the solution of choice for NonStop environments. While we're proud of what we've accomplished, we haven't...

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Can you Visualize NonStop in a Virtual World?

In my last post, When windows open, only the swift make it through, I wrote of how I would be developing a new presentation for an upcoming webinar IR was hosting: NonStopX- The New Goal. It was to be the third webinar (in a series of three) and I was pleased with the audience,...

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

Big Data changes trajectory of application monitoring -..

These past couples of days I have been inundated by webinars and podcasts and while I regularly take perhaps a little more than a cursory look at what's being scheduled, in the past I have been rather selective. But not recently, as the topics being covered were of real interest...

HPE NonStop Blog • 5 MIN READ

A return of trust - HPE transforms; NonStop is part of the..

If you have been reviewing the statements from recent Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) presentations made at major vendor events, and have been giving consideration to the ramifications, you will get the sense that HPE is on a tear of late. By this, I mean it is not just talking...

HPE NonStop Blog • 6 MIN READ

2015- A Year to Be Proactive for HP NonStop

As we start the New Year, there are goals and resolutions that we all hope to achieve. When we asked what is heading the top of their lists, many of our HP NonStop customers talked about HP's release of the first Nonstop systems based on x86 server hardware and the opportunities...

HPE NonStop Blog • 2 MIN READ

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