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Prognosis for Payments: Merchant Acquirers

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Merchant Acquirers Maintain SLAs, Avoid Penalties & Proactively Inform in Real-time

Prognosis for Payments uncovers hidden information in payment systems. It enables faster root cause analysis through its deep troubleshooting capabilities. Prognosis customers reduce the frequency and duration of outages which helps avoid penalties due to unmet SLAs.

Merchant Acquirers get unique value from Prognosis: they can proactively detect merchant outages, gain visibility into individual merchant performance and quickly get to the root cause of a problem to prevent breaching SLAs.

IR Prognosis provides a comprehensive payments management solution for Merchant Acquirers.

Proactive Identification in Real-time

Prognosis reduces the time to identify issues by proactively identifying abnormalities before they cause significant impact.

Maintaining SLAs

Prognosis helps Merchant Acquirers maintain their SLAs through proactive notifications alerts, early warning signals and custom thresholds which go off when specific limits are on the verge of being reached.

Avoiding Penalties

With Prognosis, issues can be detected and resolved sooner, allowing Merchant Acquirers to avoid any financial penalties.

Merchant Performance Visibility

Identify performance per merchant in real-time. Pinpoint where performance degradation occurs. Get to the root cause faster; tracking down the offending component within the payments ecosystem causing degradation.

Prognosis gives visibility into high decline rates, spikes in reversals, drops in transaction volume and more.

Behaving Normally

You don't have to watch dashboards to detect issues. Prognosis will watch the key performance metrics for your top merchants in real-time, to ensure everything is behaving normally. It does this by comparing the current performance to the historical norm for that merchant, based on the time of day and day of week. This reduces false positives, and allows earlier detection of any abnormalities.

Outage Reports

Business teams can assess the impact of an outage based on historical data grouped by card type, card scheme, issuer, etc., users can define the parameters. Estimate the cost of lost transactions and of each affected transaction to determine the full impact of the outage.

Transaction Search

Allow your operations team to troubleshoot transaction issues using the Prognosis transaction search function. Search by any user-defined parameters such as date, time, merchant, terminal ID, location, reference number, card scheme, etc. as required.

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