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A complete guide to Session Border Controllers

In the rapidly advancing world of real-time communication, organizations no longer rely...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 9 MIN READ

Cisco Unified Communications migration strategy and...

No matter what the size of your enterprise, more and more organizations are choosing Cisco as their preferred platform for integrated unified communications (UC), collaboration, video conferencing and contact center solutions. Cisco is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the UC arena, not only in the United States, but worldwide - with the...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 17 MIN READ

4 Key Business Drivers for Real-Time Payments Transactions

COVID-19 is a global human tragedy that has caused significant economic disruption and has had a major impact on...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 8 MIN READ

A Guide to Successful UC Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams tools to elevate your workplace collaboration

Since March 2020, the number of workplaces who now use...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 24 MIN READ

Zoom Monitoring for Enterprise

Without unified communications, and video conferencing tools in particular, the global workforce would be in complete...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 5 MIN READ

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The Omni Channel Banking Handbook: Benefits, challenges and..

With a shaky start to a new decade and plenty of challenges ahead, 2020 has seen financial ecosystems undergo a digital...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 11 MIN READ

Point Of Sale Monitoring Solutions

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are no longer just ordinary cash registers. In the retail payments space, POS activity has...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 6 MIN READ

Effective call flows: The key to customer satisfaction

More often than not, the first point of contact that a customer or client will have with your business is by phone...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 7 MIN READ

Managing UCC Complexity in Complex Times

IR has engaged Wainhouse for thought leadership and insight on the enterprise benefits from monitoring, analytics,...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 23 MIN READ

SIP Trunk fundamentals: A guide to Session Initiation..

The world of technology is rife with acronyms – and Unified Communications (UC) has more than its fair share. This...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 9 MIN READ

Managing your changing Payments Environment

The payments industry is under increasing demand due to the influx of new and emerging technologies. In a changing...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 16 MIN READ

Telemedicine Unified Communications & Collaboration..

How to Maintain High-Quality UC for Healthcare in a Time of Pandemic

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 10 MIN READ

What is Network Latency?

A complete guide to understanding, monitoring and fixing network latency.

Unified Communications and Collaboration...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 16 MIN READ

What Is Network Packet Loss?

A complete guide to understanding, monitoring and fixing network packet loss.

Introduction – network packet loss


eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 13 MIN READ

What is Network Jitter?

A complete guide to understanding, monitoring and fixing network packet jitter.

The global adoption of VoIP and video...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 13 MIN READ

Collaboration or Frustration? Using UCC Applications in the..

The use of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications are widespread in the modern workforce, becoming...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1 MIN READ

The ultimate guide to Optimizing your Cisco Unified..

It seems as though change is the only constant in the world of Unified Communications (UC), and worldwide change is...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 42 MIN READ

Unified Communications Cloud Migration Checklist

Transitioning a unified communications system to the cloud may seem like a daunting proposal. Organizations have...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 7 MIN READ

Troubleshooting Unified Communications Guide for Pros

Troubleshooting like a ninja

If troubleshooting was easy, everyone would be successful at it. There’s an art to UC...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 21 MIN READ

Service Provider UC Monitoring Guide for Pros

How service providers can own UC optimization

It’s important for your team to have a positive and rewarding experience. As a UC service provider (SP), it’s your job to make sure your customers have a great experience, every time. Your customers come to you because they don’t...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 13 MIN READ

Multi-vendor Unified Communications Monitoring Guide for..

UC is a multi-vendor world

Though today’s UC environments vary in their use of the cloud, they also differ in which UC...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 22 MIN READ

Unified Communications Optimization & Management Guide for..

With unified communications (UC) optimization, you’re not just enhancing your company’s business communication,...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 29 MIN READ

Unified Communications Performance Management Key to..

Nemertes Research: Solid Customer Experience Relies on Well-Managed Communications

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 17 MIN READ

Call Recording Compliance Checklist

IR Prognosis Call Recording Assurance

Many banking and finance organizations record calls made as part of day-to-day...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 4 MIN READ

A guide to Skype for Business deployment

A revolution is underway. Microsoft is disrupting the Intelligent Communications landscape. And not just because of...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 39 MIN READ

Prognosis for Payments: Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers Maintain SLAs, Avoid Penalties & Proactively Inform in Real-time

Prognosis for Payments uncovers...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2 MIN READ

Real-time Insight for Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers face tough competition; merchants have a choice who they select to process their transactions, but...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1:08 MIN PLAY

Cisco HCS Summit: Partner Ecosystem

IR's Ed Brooks catches up with Mo Al-Taraireh, Cisco HCS Senior Product Manager at the Cisco HCS Summit in...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1:21 MIN PLAY

Ensuring the Health of Real-time Payments

The move to real-time payments is a global trend that is moving at a fast pace. While the benefits for the consumer...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1:06 MIN PLAY

UC Assessor identifies cause of Video Conference Blackouts..

Matthew Jackson describes how ESi used Prognosis UC Assessor to identify the cause of video conference blackouts for...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1 MIN READ

Voice Quality Visibility for Unified Comms & Contact Centers

Andy Courneya describes how one of the largest telcos in the US deployed Prognosis across their Avaya contact center...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2:00 MIN PLAY

Orange uses UC Assessor to help customers with digital..

Orange Business Service uses IR's UC Assessor to help their customers deploying Skype for Business as part of their...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2:14 MIN PLAY

IR Prognosis for Unified Communications

Take control of your entire UC environment.

Once UC becomes an integral part of your business you can't wait for...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 4 MIN READ

Transaction Manager

Do you need to maximize the performance of business critical OLTP environments? Now you can.

Take control with...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis JEE Application Performance Monitor

Meet service level agreements with confidence

With an increasingly diverse range of applications the ability to monitor...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2 MIN READ

Prognosis Dynamic Load Balancing

Get the lowdown on system performance

How many of your staff can balance workloads between CPUs and disks to ensure...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 3 MIN READ

Prognosis Batch Manager

Get the insights you need

Prognosis Batch Manager monitors the NonStop batch processing environment. And as off-line...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 3 MIN READ

Availability Manager

Manage a bunch of applications with ease

With Prognosis on your team, you can take the adage ‘business aware' to a...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 3 MIN READ

How Monitoring Contact Center Technology Can Solve Common..

Contact center technology can be a beast: powerful, difficult to control and if there's something wrong with it, it can...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1 MIN READ

Guide: What is Call Recording Assurance?

Call Recording Assurance checks that all calls that are required to be recorded for legislation and regulatory...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2:33 MIN PLAY

Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments - video

Get a quick overview of Prognosis for Payments to understand how it can help your organization better manage and...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2:30 MIN PLAY

IR Prognosis for Contact Center

The contact center is the cornerstone for delivering outstanding customer experience. The explosion of omnichannel...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 2:11 MIN PLAY

Ensure Digital Transformation Success with IR

Digital transformation is changing the way we do business. But it relies on a new generation of technology, operating...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 1:41 MIN PLAY

Unified Communications Management Tools reduce Operational..

Nemertes Research: Digital transformation success driven by Unified Communications & Collaboration

As companies focus...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 18 MIN READ

Skype for Business Deployment Checklist

Many organizations are embracing the power of Skype for Business, whether it’s purely for internal Instant Messaging...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 10 MIN READ

The Future of Contact Centers & How to Develop a Winning CX

New Contact Center practices must pivot around embedding quality customer experience into the fabric of the Contact...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 24 MIN READ

The rise of Tokenized Payments

Digital payments were on the rise well before the start of COVID-19, but the impact of remote working has catapulted a...

eBooks, Guides, & Reports • 13 MIN READ

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