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Build a Resilient Work from Anywhere Model in 2022

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The Work Environment Will Remain Hybrid

The Hybrid work model that we have seen emerge over the last 2 years has settled into a norm.

Ecosystm research shows that 38% of employees work from a location of their choice today.

Survey Results Highlights

Thoughts on Remote Working

25% Want to work remotely for the rest of career.
51% Want to choose their work location — whether home, office or a shared space.
14% Want to work from the office on fixed days.
10% Want to work from the office all the time.


However, the office does not lose its importance in this new environment. In 2022, 75% of employees want to be back in the office — either full-time or when the need arises. This makes the interplay between the office and home environments more significant than ever.

Organizations Recalibrating the Hybrid Work Model in 2022

While at the start of the pandemic there were predictions of organizations reducing commercial workspace, only 22% of are considering that as a measure in 2022. The focus is on building a bulletproof mechanism to ensure that "work" can take place in any possible scenario.

This means an increase in tech investments. Investments in videoconferencing , digital and collaboration tools are not slowing down. Underpinning all the new tech investments is the importance of managing and securing the performance of the network, the endpoints the applications and digital technologies.

digital technologies

Common Challenges of Hybrid Work

There is a need to look at the hybrid work environment holistically; and view all issues through a single lens.

interoperability Interoperability

Use of multiple video platforms, digital and collaboration technologies and UC platforms can cause interoperability issues.
byod BYOD

Ecosystm research shows that 47% of employees prefer to use their own devices and applications.
lack of feedback Lack of feedback

There is often no central reporting function for employees to provide feedback on what's working well, their common challenges, and areas of improvement.
call issues Call issues

This can happen due to various reasons — incompatibility of headphones, connectivity challenges, performance of cloud voice calling services and so on.
security Security

There are risks and vulnerabilities when managing multiple devices, applications and networks.

Organizations are continuing to experiment with and re-design how their work environments look.

This is not an easy task for any enterprise as it involves significant process changes, creating best practices, and evolving the organizational culture. They will find that some tools and technologies used in the past are redundant now. Some offices and workspaces might also be redundant. Collaboration, communication, and experience management will be top priorities.

Ecosystm Opinion

Constant innovation is essential to build a resilient Work from Anywhere Model


The Physical Workplace has Changed

Office spaces will need a re-design that focuses on driving a seamless user experience and using the right technology for each setting. Organizations will need to manage and ensure a high-quality experience across every device, room, open space, network, and remote location.

  • The use of huddle rooms will increase; the old-style workplace cubicles will get re-designed. There will also be more open spaces for employees to meet and greet each other. These will be informal work sites.

  • There will be a need for a constant interplay between the home and office environments — this means a focus on a seamless work experience across networks, collaboration platforms and digital tools.

  • The high usage of video within rooms and from home will require smart galleries; participants should get equal importance irrespective of location. There must be a focus on audio quality and device interoperability.

Survey Results Highlights

How Organizations have Evolved Workplaces

50% | Videoconferencing solutions for meeting spaces

42% | Large screen monitors

36% | Increased number of open quiet spaces

34% | Digital whiteboards

32% | Cameras and noise cancellation headphones

Source: Ecosystm Voice of the Employee Study, 2022

Redefine the Work Design

How the Digital Workplace will look in the Work from Anywhere Model

the new work model

The Importance of UC Monitoring

In a complex, multi-vendor communications ecosystem, having an end-to-end monitoring solution is a must-have to prepare organizations for all eventualities. IT teams need to be alerted of any possible issues that surface on the network, devices, videoconferencing systems, digital tools and headsets.

Acquiring a tool that is adaptable to multiple systems and has the ability to troubleshoot across different vendors is critical.

  1. Understand which devices are not performing at the optimum levels
  2. Alert the right people if there are vulnerabilities that are likely to arise from the platforms
  3. Report statistics such as room occupancy and space utilization to help organizations adhere to health and safety protocols
  4. Ensure that systems are continually updated to prevent software issues

Proactive Monitoring in the Hybrid Work Model

Network Troubleshooting

Focus on real-time network monitoring to identify the end points and sources of
problems. Problems should be identified and eradicated at the source.

Performance of Video End Points

With the multiple videoconferencing end points in the home and office environments, understand the performance of codecs, multipoint control units (MCUs), hardware and the network paths in real time.

Analytics to Identify Problems

Analytics can ensure proactive monitoring and identify gaps and issues in the performance of unified communication devices. This will allow you to predict at which intersections problems are likely to occur.

Automated Continuous Testing

Ensure a rigorous framework for stress testing. This should include testing to check that all devices can handle the maximum thresholds. Stress testing can ensure that the devices perform well in any given scenario.

Communications Security

Prevent attackers from listening in on meetings. Ensure that there is multi-level encryption built into the network, devices and applications. Through pro-active monitoring, you will also be able to re-visit your security efforts to help devise the right strategy in any hybrid work scenario.

Plan Your Hybrid Work Strategy Right

  • Are your infrastructure, devices and rooms set up for the success of the hybrid work model?
  • How quickly and easily can your IT team adapt to multiple workplace scenarios? Do they need to work with an MSP?
  • Are you involving your employees to be part of the planning process of the hybrid work re-design?
  • Are you evolving your business continuity plans (BCP) continually?
  • How are you monitoring security and the performance of your technologies?
  • Do you have access to real-time data to make the right decisions?
  • Are the employees satisfied with the unified communications and collaboration tools they are using?
  • Are you thinking about workflow integration to video and other digital technologies?

Ecosystm Opinion

Running pilots and experiments will help you get closer to what the desired outcomes should look like.


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