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Monitor and analyze payment transactions with IR Transact

The payments industry is evolving at a rapid rate. Organizations must find a way to effectively manage booming transaction volumes, the shift to cashless payments, new payment schemes and technologies, and higher customer expectations to remain successful in a competitive market.

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Seamless Payment Transactions

Simplify service management by using one tool to monitor and manage multiple vendor solutions, across on-prem and cloud deployment models.


Transactions Managed Daily

Over 5 Million People

Collaborate with Confidence

Optimize the commerce that connects our global economies


Assure the transactions that keep you in business

Simplify the complexity of managing modern payments ecosystems to keep transactions flowing.

  • Streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Have real-time visibility of your transactions, no matter what vendor you’re using
  • Stay in control of your payments ecosystem with dynamic thresholds and alerts

Deliver a seamless payments experience

Elevate customer satisfaction and improve retention by delivering a flawless payments experience, every time.

  • Find and fix problems before they impact customers with rapid troubleshooting
  • Ensure successful deployments and optimal performance across all payment types
  • Reduce downtime and optimize service levels

Turn transaction data into actionable insights

Uncover unparalleled insights into transactions and trends to help you make better business decisions.

  • Use customizable dashboards to see the information most important to you
  • Translate complex data sets into straightforward, digestible representations
  • Understand how your environment is performing

Real-Time Payments

Ensure your real-time payment systems and improve customer satisfaction.

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High Value Payments

Get complete visibility across your large value and high priority transactions.

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Card Payments

Deliver real-time intelligence and actionable insights from your digital transaction data.

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Hear more from our Customers

We wanted to make sure our system is not just available, but that it’s truly performing. And if issues occur, we can manage them efficiently and smoothly.

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Andrew Skelton

CEO @ Cabcharge


We have been able to gain a more complete view into the performance of our core processing systems. Now we have more visibility into the transactions coming into each of our gateways, for approval and decline rates, and the reasons for the errors.

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Bob Bartlett

CIO @ Fifth Third Processing Solutions


SPS has a considerable demand for monitoring all transaction processing systems with a possible impact of up to 200,000 transactions being lost should our transactional systems not be processing for an hour.

With this in mind, SPS uses IR Transact to ensure that transactional monitoring, not just system and/or network monitoring, is at the forefront of our operational activities.

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Senior Manager @ SPS


A couple years ago, we went through a conversion from one platform to another platform. We changed over hardware as well as software. Using IR Transact, we monitored everything in real time. We knew instantly when there was a problem.

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Director of Host Operations @ Computer Services, Inc


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