Do you have oversight of your high value payments?

Get complete visibility across your large value and high priority transactions.

High value payments play a crucial role in the global financial landscape. When dealing with high value payments, businesses need oversight of large value and high priority payments to ensure they are processed as expected, or risk losing customer trust, face regulatory action and penalties, and negative credit ratings.

IR Transact’s High Value Payments solution simplifies the complexity of managing your large value payments, providing an easy way to monitor the health of your high value in-flight transactions.

Leverage business data

Unlock insights from your data

Gain visibility into key accounts and their status at a glance, helping you flag and address anomalies before they impact your high value customers or settlement accounts.

Monitor in-flight transaction health

Monitor and troubleshoot in real time

Easily monitor balance thresholds, flagged accounts, and abnormal account usage patterns, and project liquidity shortfalls to ensure your high value transactions are processed without delay.

Keep your queues flowing

Easily monitor and alert on queue health 

Monitor transaction queue health, volumes, and anomalies, such as bottlenecks and processing backlogs as they develop, ensuring you get ahead of potentially disruptive events before they occur.

Customize your experience

See what you want, when you want

View detailed, historical transaction information to easily investigate and identify the root cause of issues, customize dashboard to display the information most important to you, and set up on-demand reporting to ensure you're always ahead of the game.


Deliver real-time intelligence and actionable insights


IR's Transact suite of solutions simplify the complexity of managing modern payments ecosystems, bringing real-time visibility to your entire payments environment.

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IR's Infrastructure suite of solutions provide the insight your organization needs make proactive business decisions and ensure your systems are running efficiently.

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