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Call Recording Compliance Checklist

Prognosis Call Recording Assurance verifies every call required to be recorded for legislation and regulatory purposes is recorded. Through Media Integrity it checks whether the media file contains audible content.

Many banking and finance organizations record calls made as part of day-to-day business operations. These calls are subject to a number of rules and regulations that differ between jurisdictions. How do you know which rules you fall...

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A guide to Skype for Business deployment

A guide to Skype for Business deployment

A revolution is underway. Microsoft is disrupting the Intelligent Communications landscape. And not just because of improved work practices and collaboration. Recent announcements around Skype for Business and Teams has the entire industry talking.

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Prognosis for Payments: Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers Maintain SLAs, Avoid Penalties & Proactively Inform in Real-time

Prognosis for Payments uncovers hidden information in payment systems. It enables faster root cause analysis through its deep troubleshooting capabilities. Prognosis customers reduce the frequency and duration of outages which helps avoid penalties due to unmet SLAs.

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Optimizing Cisco Unified Communications

Challenges with your Cisco environment? Download our Cisco UC Guide and troubleshoot like a BOSS!

A comprehensive guide on how to manage and optimize your Cisco unified communications environment. With unified communications, you're not just enhancing your company's business communication, collaboration and productivity. You're helping each and every employee succeed in their work. You're making your customers happier. And you're contributing to...

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Real-time Insight for Merchant Acquirers

Merchant Acquirers face tough competition; merchants have a choice who they select to process their transactions, but how do you ensure that they...

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Ensuring the Health of Real-time Payments

The move to real-time payments is a global trend that is moving at a fast pace. While the benefits for the consumer are clear, as a bank are you...

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UC Assessor identifies cause of Video Conference Blackouts..

Matthew Jackson describes how ESi used Prognosis UC Assessor to identify the cause of video conference blackouts for one of their customers. For the full details check out this webinar where ESi describe this and other scenarios where UC Assessor was instrumental for problem solving in a Skype for Business environment.

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