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Prognosis JEE Application Performance Monitor

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Meet service level agreements with confidence

With an increasingly diverse range of applications the ability to monitor the stability and performance of your Java EE applications is vital to meeting your service level agreements. Prognosis increases your core visibility within this complex environment by monitoring the entire network 24/7. You'll receive notice of any breached thresholds giving you the ability to get rapid insight in real time. It doesn't matter what the cause of the fault is. Prognosis performance management gives you the power to have both an overall view of your entire network and then to drill down deep within your infrastructure in real time. You have the best of both worlds at your fingertips to isolate and resolve problems immediately. The ideal definition of core visibility.

Complete performance management

Prognosis Application Server Management provides a complete performance monitoring solution for Java EE applications. Delivering high-value information via the JMX and MPI interfaces, Prognosis provides performance measuring and alerting for Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Database Connectivity and other vital components. It provides performance measurement and alerting, presented through a flexible interface, optimized for performing root-cause analysis. For systems managers, Prognosis delivers real-time visibility into the performance of production Java EE Applications running on Java EE Application Servers, mapped directly to service level objectives. For more in-depth performance analysis, Prognosis also provides detailed Java Virtual Machine (JVM) monitoring. JVM monitoring provides performance information down to the Java method level, enabling even the most troublesome performance bottlenecks to be identified. Prognosis also monitors Java heap statistics, loaded and unloaded Java classes, Java threads, thread contention and method execution. No matter where the root cause of substandard performance lies, Prognosis delivers the visibility you need to maintain performance and availability of your Java EE environment.

Maintain and meet your SLAs

With fewer than 20 percent of Java EE applications meeting their performance service level agreements in production, keeping vertical and horizontal layers healthy and available is a delicate balancing act.

The increasing complexity of Java application environments is creating a multitude of stakeholders and blurring the boundaries between different stages of the traditional application lifecycle. Prognosis reduces the administration costs of a highly complex environment by providing both centralized and distributed vantage points into performance of the Java EE application. This helps you optimize system and replication performance, minimizing the cost of maintaining business continuity. Time delays between extractor, receiver, and updater processes are tracked to ensure you are prepared for rapid and efficient failover.


Identify transactions that are taking too long Gain in depth status and performance information Monitor and tune all components Be ready for failover and disaster recovery Optimize system and replication performance Minimize the cost of maintaining business continuity Benefit from built in integration with enterprise management frameworks

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