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Transaction Manager

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Do you need to maximize the performance of business critical OLTP environments? Now you can.

Take control with Prognosis Transaction Manager and gain vital performance management insight to: HP NonStop Transaction Manager Facility (TMF) and AutoTMF. Spot patterns in your data and stop problems before they happen.

HP NonStop Remote Database Facility (RDF). Keep disaster recovery and business continuity costs down.

The proactive problem solver

TMF, AutoTMF and RDF subsystems play an increasingly vital role in high-volume transaction processing environments. So poor performance or failure of any of their components can severely affect critical business applications and business continuity.

Prognosis helps you identify and tune all components and manage the events that can impact system throughput, data replication and performance. With intelligence that comes from predictive analytics developed from over 25 years of real-world customer experience, Prognosis identifies potential problems so you can nip issues in the bud before they affect your users and your customers.

Gain real insights in real time

Combining real-time monitoring and problem management capabilities with historical data capture and reporting greatly improves system performance and reliability. Where a delay in even one transaction can have a domino effect, when one falls after another, each triggering its own alert, you can get further from, not closer to, the source of the problem. Prognosis drill-down capabilities allow you to quickly identify the source of problems. And let the people know who need to fix them. These include intelligent notification and problem escalation via email, traps and mobile/cellular phones, as well as sophisticated automation and availability management. Prognosis can also provide transaction identification for Pathway environments, and delivers built-in integration with common enterprise management frameworks.

Managing TMF and AutoTMF

Prognosis Transaction Manager verifies that transactions can be executed by monitoring the components of TMF and AutoTMF and reporting any abnormal events or performance indicators. These include long transactions that can affect audit trail capacity, and in turn prevent new transactions from starting. Prognosis rapidly detects degraded situations with intelligent alerts to help you resolve critical situations like these. You can follow the alert's blueprint and take action fast by viewing all the elements involved, and the diagnostic information related to the alert. Or you can let Prognosis prescribe recovery with predefined action paths defined for common system problems. And because problem prediction, prescription and automation work seamlessly with Prognosis security, you don't need to worry about things getting out of hand or running away with themselves. Prognosis also monitors key performance indicators like hung transactions, transaction rates and a range of other factors that impact the health of the system and OLTP applications.

Managing RDF

Prognosis monitors the availability of all processes, volumes, and data throughput in the RDF subsystem. It also monitors vital communication links between primary and backup systems improving readiness for fail over or disaster recovery. Prognosis provides real-time notification and alerting, resulting in shorter response times under critical conditions. This helps you optimize system and replication performance, minimizing
the cost of maintaining business continuity. Time delays between extractor, receiver, and updater processes are tracked to ensure you are prepared for rapid and efficient fail over.



  • Identify transactions that are taking too long.
  • Gain in depth status and performance information.
  • Monitor and tune all components.
  • Be ready for fail over and disaster recovery.
  • Optimize system and replication performance.
  • Minimize the cost of maintaining business continuity.
  • Benefit from built in integration with enterprise management frameworks.

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