Prognosis for UC Live Demo [April 2019]

The monthly deminar for April will showcase 5 of the more advanced features of Prognosis.

Webinars • Apr 2019 • 40 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

The Journey to Microsoft Teams Deployment - Planning Phase

When Microsoft Teams was announced in March 2017, it left organizations grappling with the challenge of how they might integrate Microsoft's new...

Webinars • Mar 2019 • 45 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Prognosis for UC Live Demo [March 2019]

This monthly session provides an overview of Prognosis for UC. Hosted by one of our Senior Solutions Engineers, you'll see live examples of how Prognosis can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize complex communications environments. There is also live Q&A to have all your questions answered.

Webinars • Mar 2019 • 35 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Optimize Contact Center Performance: Monitor > Troubleshoot..

The Contact Center is the frontline to your customers - get this experience wrong and the consequences can be substantial - loss of revenue, brand damage, customer churn. 

Webinars • Feb 2019 • 59 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

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Prognosis for UC Live Demo [December 2018]

Join Chuck Geisler, one of our Senior Solutions Engineers, for a live demo of Prognosis for Unified Communications.

Webinars • Dec 2018 • 35 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Managing Microsoft Collaboration Environment

Managing a Microsoft collaboration environment can be challenging. With multiple technology vendors, across various sites - it can be tough for a team to stay on top. Watch this webinar to learn best tips on how to manage and optimize your Microsoft collaboration environment. Dave Bottomley, Senior Solutions Engineer, shares insights on:

Webinars • Dec 2018 • 60 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

Cisco Unified Communications Troubleshooting [APAC December..

Join our APAC Cisco Unified Communications webinar, hosted by an IR Solutions Engineer with live Q&A.

Webinars • Dec 2018 • 38 MIN PLAYON-DEMAND

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