Webinars • Jul 14, 2024 • 45 MIN PLAY • UPCOMING

Drawing a Line in 2024 Collaboration Sand

David Danto
David Danto

Director, IMCCA

Mark Zerbe
Mark Zerbe

VP of Sales, IR


Join us for a thought-provoking webinar as we explore the aftermath of the swirling winds of change that have transformed industries in recent years. The chaos has settled, leaving us to reflect on the impact on collaboration and communication within companies. In 2024, a decisive line will be drawn in the sand, defining the standards and expectations for call performance across various industries.

Our discussion will delve into the evolving landscape of collaboration, examining how companies have adapted to survive and thrive amid the chaos. As tolerance levels have increased, so have the challenges in maintaining effective communication. We'll explore the key factors shaping this new era and discuss the impending changes that will shape the future of collaboration.

However, the storm is not over yet. A new tornado looms on the horizon, promising additional disruptions and transformations. Join us to gain insights, strategies, and foresight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the collaboration sands of 2024 and ensure your organization is prepared for the next wave of change in call performance

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