Webinars • Sep 30, 2022 • 60 MIN PLAY • ON-DEMAND

Webinar - Microsoft Teams and Real Time Visibility

Jason Andrews

Head of Platform Product, IR

David Badet
David Badet

Growth Marketing Manager, IR


Microsoft Teams and Real Time Visibility - You can’t fix what you can’t see

Join Jason Andrews, IR head of platform product, and David Badet, IR Growth Marketing Manager for a talk about Microsoft teams and Real Time Visibility for collaboration tools.

Jason will help you understand how the visibility into service/component quality is highly critical because they are more likely to fail than the collaboration platform itself.

He'll also show you why one single tool to gain visibility of each ecosystem component saves time and makes it easier to identify and resolve problems.

While using multiple collaboration tools, there are shared components amongst the platforms that impact one or all platforms e.g. network.

Discover why an end-to-end ecosystem view is critical in understanding how each component relates to, and impacts each other (upstream and downstream impact).

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Topics: Webinar Multi-Technology Proactive troubleshooting Service Provider Cloud and hybrid UC Microsoft Teams Collaborate Digital Workplace

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