Webinars • Aug 18, 2022 • 30 MIN PLAY • ON-DEMAND

Deminar - Making license management easy for Service Providers

Arafath Ahamed
Arafath Ahamed, IR

Lead Product Manager - Collaborate

Anna Byrne
Anna Byrne, IR

Head of Marketing


Service providers operate at immense scale to deliver smooth, seamless end-user experiences for their customers and stakeholders. They take on the heavy burden of taking away risks and worries from organizations. However, but before they can provide assurance to their customers, they need to optimize their operational processes first.

One of the tedious admin tasks for Service Providers is managing their customer licenses for the tools and platforms they support or use to support. IR Collaborate has made it easier to track and manage licenses in bulk so that Service Providers can put their efforts towards optimizing service quality rather than admin work.

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