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2021 Payments Outlook [Key Trends to Watch]

Jason Krebs
Jason Krebs

Senior Fintech Product Manager, IR

Janae Smith
Janae Smith

Product Marketing Manager Payments, IR


Payments is undergoing rapid change driven by significant shifts in consumer behavior in 2020. Real-time payments is picking up speed globally, the movement from cash to touchless payments has accelerated more than most would have predicted, and businesses that once processed the bulk of their payments instore have now had to set up online payments. Business are being forced to learn and adapt quickly.

The common factor in all this change is that technology is at the forefront. But with new technology and new payments approaches come new challenges. How can your business take advantage of the opportunities without being overwhelmed by technical complexities, how can it leverage technology effectively, and what are the key trends that companies should investigate?

Join Jason Krebs, Senior Fintech Product Manager at IR, and Janae Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Payments at IR to hear their insights on what payments trends matter and what you can do about it.

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