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Steps to Manage a Highly Distributed and Collaborative Enterprise

Audrey William

Principal Advisor - Ecosystm

Michael Tomkins
Michael Tomkins

Chief Technology Officer - IR


Steps to Manage a Highly Distributed and Collaborative Enterprise in 2023

The experimentation stages of hybrid work will continue well into 2023.

Many enterprises are working their way through what constitutes the workplace styles, hours and ways of running engagements and meetings for all scenarios. Some Enterprises are now asking employees to be in the office 3 days a week and others are letting employees decide which days work well for them to come in giving them greater flexibility. Some of the old ways of managing the Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Centre environment might be redundant. In a highly distributed enterprise, IT decision makers have a role to play in ensuring zero disruption to work and that security and resiliency of the workplace takes precedence. Join us at the upcoming webinar sponsored by IR and Cisco to hear from our speakers on:  

  • Trends in the modern workplace and what is shaping the new era of work
  • What pitfalls to avoid when managing a highly distributed enterprise and why monitoring is critical
  • How Security will be at the core of every aspect of hybrid work
  • Challenges facing IT with Hybrid Work in UC and Contact Centres
  • What are the risks in your workplace and how to mitigate it
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