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4 Keys to Zoom Security webinar | IR

Kate Daley
Kate Daley

Content Marketing and Social Media Manager

Michael Watson
Michael Watson

Product Manager, Collaborate


Much has been said about the security of Zoom, but is this fact or fiction? This session looks at the 4 keys to securing your Zoom deployment for peace of mind.

Over the last 12 months Zoom has become one of the most popular collaboration tools, helping keep workforces connected and businesses in operation, becoming a household name almost overnight.

And with that level of popularity came some very well publicized security issues – “Zoom-bombing” entered our vernacular, there were reports of data leaks, and privacy breaches.

Zoom has taken big strides to address these issues, improving security to provide peace of mind, introducing a range of measures – like password protection, encryption, joining restrictions – and you can apply settings at various levels – accounts, groups and users.

While this is both comforting – and necessary – the security settings are not exactly easy to manage or get visibility into.

Do you actually know how secure your Zoom environment is? And, more importantly, what can you do to make sure that you’re ticking all your security boxes, and staying compliant with company policies or regulations?

Join this session to learn the 4 keys to Zoom Security.


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