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Keeping Customers Connected – Challenge or Opportunity for Service Providers?

Bill Haskins
Bill Haskins

Sr. Analyst and Partner, Unified Communications @ Wainhouse Research

Richard Brehm
Richard Brehm

VP Technical Services @ IR


Due to the uncertainty COVID-19 has caused, many organizations are leading with caution – which includes travel suspended, new hire freezes and reduction in any unnecessary spending.

So what does this mean for service providers as they look to support their customers through this uncertain time?

Companies that were able, moved their entire workforce to remote environments. Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have the necessary tools to support this new environment. With a sudden and rapid increase in VPN logins, video calls and conferences, in addition to network and bandwidth limitations, more UC-related issues are occurring.

According to Wainhouse Research, when surveying IT decision makers, “nearly the entire survey panel (94%) indicates that their organization has made changes to the ways their organization’s workforce communicates and collaborates.”

This means service providers can help their customers adapt and thrive in a situation where many businesses will fail. To do this, service providers should ensure they go beyond their SLAs agreements to retain and attract new customers.

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