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The Rise of Real-Time Payments

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Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers Payments Solution Specialist @ IR
Gareth Lodge Senior Analyst, Payments @ Celent

Real-time payments is a gold rush of sorts – global financial institutions are racing to embrace it, but not everyone has the tools and infrastructure in place to capitalize on the benefits and deliver superior payment experiences.

With customer expectations and changing purchasing behaviors at an all-time high in today’s on demand, real-time world – we’re witnessing an acceleration in demand for real-time payments due to infrastructure modernization, expensive competitive alternatives, adoption of modern message standards and more.

This evolving frontier is just the beginning of changes and new expectations for the payments industry. Join Celent, industry experts in financial services, and IR, leading solution provider for payments performance management, for an information-packed webinar to learn more about:

  • What does real-time payments mean to you?
  • How we got to where we are today and what changes are ahead for legacy systems
  • Use cases of how real-time payments has transformed business offerings
  • Unlocking the future and value of real-time payments
  • And more!

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