Webinars • Dec 02, 2021 • 45 MIN PLAY • ON-DEMAND

Collaboration Cafe: Don't let hybrid work be a culture killer

John Ruthven


David Burym

Human Synergistics

Vanessa Walker

Chief People & Culture Officer @ IR


We all know that Communication and Collaboration is mission critical in organizations, and makes up a significant part in our daily lives. Communication allows humans to express themselves and understand others. Collaboration allows organizations to solve problems and build things together.

As we shift into a Hybrid Workplace, the way we communicate and collaborate with each other changes. We have the power to shape what this looks like within our organizations.

We invite David Byrum, a HR expert from Human Synergistics to discuss the human and culture aspect of our new working world with IR's CEO, John Ruthven and Chief People and Culture Officer, Vanessa Walker.

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