Webinars • Aug 24, 2023 • 45 MIN PLAY • ON-DEMAND

Impacts of ACH shift to real-time payments

Jim Bowers

Payments Senior Sales Engineer, IR

David Badet
David Badet

Growth Marketing Manager, IR

Join us for an enlightening webinar as we delve into the transformative impact of real-time processing on ACH systems. Discover how this technological advancement is reshaping the payment landscape, delivering unparalleled benefits for individuals, businesses, and the overall financial ecosystem.
During this engaging webinar, we will explore the multitude of advantages that arise from transitioning ACH systems to real-time processing. Experience the speed of faster payments, unlock improved cash flow management techniques, witness increased operational efficiency, and embrace enhanced fraud prevention measures. Real-time ACH systems present a world of opportunities that not only drive financial innovation but also stimulate economic activity, fostering a thriving payment ecosystem.
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