Payments Transaction Monitoring Solutions


As the payments industry continues to evolve, providers must contend with new competitors, emerging technologies, regulatory challenges, increasing customer demands, as well as the ever-increasing risk of fraud.

Whether your environment is on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize complex Payments environments with ease and deliver the best user experience possible.



Retailers and Merchant Payment Environments

If your organization’s payment systems aren’t running as they should be, it could have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, repeat business and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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Merchant Acquirer Payment Environments

By providing deep visibility, detailed analytics, intelligent alerting and rapid troubleshooting, Prognosis for Payments allows your organization to confidently deliver a high level of service to all your merchants, now and into the future.

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Payment Processor Environments

With the explosion of new payment technologies in recent years, it can be a challenge to ensure optimal performance across so many payment types and transaction paths. It is vital for payment processors to adapt to new trends and successfully deploy new services without negatively impacting existing ecosystem.

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Card Issuer and Bank Payment Environments

Don’t let poor performance impact your reputation and, ultimately, your bottom line. Get the insights you need to the improve performance, productivity and reliability of your entire payments environment.

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Transaction Banking and Real-Time

Get the insights you need to proactively support your customers, meet service level agreements (SLAs) and avoid costly transaction delays. By providing deep visibility into your entire payments environment, detailed analytics, alerting and rapid troubleshooting.

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Prognosis for Payments

Prognosis for Payments brings deep, real-time visibility to your entire payments environment. It gives you unparalleled insights to payment transactions and trends in real time. With in-depth analytic and troubleshooting capabilities, you can pro-actively optimize your entire payments environment, improve customer experience, innovate rapidly, minimize risk and increase profitability.

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Together, ACI and Prognosis, provide a unified monitoring and management suite of products to help optimize your ACI payments applications and supporting infrastructure.


With the rapid growth in online transactions, Prognosis provides performance management that optimizes your FIS payments processing network, ensures you meet service level agreements, and helps your systems run more efficiently.