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Monitoring Your Real-Time Payments Ecosystem with Actionable Insights

Hardik Dedhia
Hardik Dedhia

Senior Solutions Engineer, IR

David Badet
David Badet

Growth Marketing Manager, IR

Are you ready to revolutionize your payment processes and gain actionable insights to enhance your business operations? 

Join our exclusive webinar where we dive deep into the world of Real-Time Payments, showcasing a powerful tool designed to provide you with unparalleled control and understanding of your payments landscape.

Date & Time: Thursday 25th April 2024 ; 12:00 pm SGT - 03:00 pm AEST


Introduction to Real-Time Payments

- Unlocking Key Benefits for Your Organization:
- Maximizing customer satisfaction and revenue
- Streamlining customer experience with rapid issue resolution
- Implementing detailed tracking of payment flows for overall payments health
- Unearthing trends in payments data for improved business outcomes
- Making informed decisions based on real-time transaction data and insights
- Automating reporting obligations and gaining insights into SLA performance for time efficiency

Product Showcase and Live Demo:
- Transaction Flows and Payment Service Health
- Transaction Detail Drilldown and History
- Reporting and Business Insights
- Transaction Time, Volume, and Anomaly Tracking
- Configurable Alerts and Visual Alarms
- Time Monitoring of Individual Items
- Service Level Tracking

Who Should Attend:
Financial executives
Payment operations managers
Technology leaders
Business analysts

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain actionable insights into your payments ecosystem. Secure your spot now and be at the forefront of the real-time payments revolution!
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