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Payments Clarity and Certainty in Time of Crisis

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Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers Payments Solution Specialist @ IR
Lu Zurawski - ACI
Lu Zurawski Practice Lead for Retail Banking Products @ ACI

The success of our world economy largely relies on human movement and consumer buying behavior. With an overall shift in the way we’re transacting due to the impacts of COVID-19, new paradigms in the payments space are emerging and there’s an increased need for resiliency, stability, and automated operations to ensure day-to-day transaction continuity.

While this pandemic has created instability and uncertainty, consumers are adapting rapidly, and financial institutions are closely re-examining their business strategies and future-proofing their mission-critical infrastructure to manage new payment methods and the surge in digital and contactless payments.

Join ACI, IR and your peers to learn why proactive transaction monitoring and real-time visibility across your entire payments environment play a critical role in providing the clarity and certainty that transactions are being accepted across all payment systems and channels – ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing revenue flow.

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