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What's your Prognosis? Don’t Let a Bug Take Down Your UC Platform

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Jon Kremkau Account Manager @ IR
Tim Poindexter VP of Marketing @ IR
Josh Stuart Solution Engineer @ IR

Just as people need proactive regular check-ups to ensure they stay in good health, it’s important for hospitals to proactively manage the health and performance of their communications environment to set them up for long-term high performance.

IR Prognosis provides real-time insight into the key health indicators of your communications ecosystem and can even provide guidance on how to address any problems that are identified.

Whether you’re preparing for open enrollment, upgrading your telemedicine capabilities, or working on future enhancements to deliver better experiences for patients, learn how Prognosis real-time performance management can help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Topics: Webinar Communications Health and Medicine Cisco Avaya Telemedicine Healthcare Technology

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