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UC Optimization for Pros (APAC timezone)

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Presenter: Stephen Elliott, Director Marketing | Junaidy Laures, Senior Solutions Engineer

In today’s business world, communication matters more than ever. People want to communicate in new ways everyday: more channels, more devices, more flexibility. But these demands rely on a new generation of technology, operating in real-time. What happens if the technology isn’t reliable? Digital services to customers are unreachable. Phones stop working. Video conferences crash.

A small outage can have a big impact. Businesses need to troubleshoot communications quickly and get to the root cause to find a solution. They need to ensure their UC is reliable, and optimized. 

Unified communications are the arteries and veins of your organization and its connection to the outside world. Internally, you can’t function properly when there are problems. Externally, you’re paralyzed when there’s an outage. Unified communications keep the heart of the organization pumping. 

Without effective communications and collaboration management, employees are at a competitive disadvantage with slower product development and decision making overall. Reliable communications and collaboration infrastructure that helps employees work efficiently enables your organization to breathe.

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