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OVHcloud, IR and Activeo - ensuring great experiences in the hybrid workplace

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OVHcloud is Europe’s leading cloud provider, delivering public and private cloud products, shared hosting, and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide. They also offer domain name registration, telephony services, and internet access.

Bruno Touret, Technical Director for Contact Center and Collaboration, shared how IR’s solutions help them navigate hybrid ways of working to ensure high-quality interactions from anywhere.

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The problem

OVHcloud’s contact centers – dedicated to the technical support - are open 24/7 and field more than 10,000 voice interactions per week. One of their core goals is to deliver high availability, and high-quality experiences for their customers.

When their workforce had to quickly transition to remote working, and now with hybrid work environments being the norm, they suffered a lot of quality issues as a result of unmanaged components in the new working environment.

The solution

Through Activeo, an IR technology partner, OVHcloud chose IR Collaborate to manage their Cisco unified communications and contact center environments and ensure their 400+ contact center agents around the world remain connected.

The benefit

“Since using IR’s solutions, we were able to address the network issues that were impacting customer experience, and we haven’t had any network issues with our environment in six months,” said Bruno.

With Collaborate, OVHcloud can quickly share technical details across teams, helping them identify and resolve issues to ensure a great experience from anywhere.

“Our monitoring tools were sized for simple and straight network vision. Complexity was not part of our scope,” said Bruno. “IR Collaborate allows us to manage that complexity from one view, giving us an overview of our environment in real-time. We’ve moved from reactively responding to issues to a proactive monitoring – we know issues in advance, and we can intervene before they impact our customers.”

Bruno Touret
Technical Director for Contact Center and Collaboration, OVHcloud

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More about Activeo: For several years, Activeo has been working as a partner of OVHCloud in the implementation and maintenance of the multichannel contact center platform. Activeo supports the evolution and migration plans of the technical perimeter and works closely with OVHcloud's teams to meet robust and efficient governance.

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