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NSC Global Limited improves voice quality and saves on operational costs with Prognosis.

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NSC Global Limited was experiencing poor voice quality within its complex multi-vendor UC environment. It was difficult to get to the root cause when degraded voice quality or outages occurred.

Although each vendor supplies troubleshooting tools for its UC solution, NSC Global required a holistic view with messaging and alert automation so problems could be circumvented and fixed automatically if possible.

After looking at user experience management solutions Consultant Anil Kadam found that Prognosis excelled at messaging and alert automation.


He chose Prognosis for its ability to intelligently test conditions for specific performance criteria over time and automate specific responses.

Prognosis intelligent alerts inform the IT teams when system, user, application, device and process loads approach thresholds specific to the business.

Staff don’t have to search for knock on effects, because Prognosis automatically gives them this information.

It also takes them directly to the appropriate dashboard so that the problem can be visualized and an automation process executed or rectification put in place without delay.


  • Improved operational savings
  • Improved root cause identification by up to 24%
  • Reduced outages by almost 25%
  • Improved Skype troubleshooting by up to 10%
  • Improved incident resolution time by up to 24%

Prognosis messaging and alert automation

When a threshold condition is reached Prognosis populates the resulting alert with data so that you know exactly what the problem is.

Related data can also be included so that not only do you know that a problem exists, you know what caused it.

Many regular conditions are available ‘out of the box’ and a user friendly web interface allows you to modify what’s there or create your own.

You can choose whether you send the information off to another system or receive it via plain or rich html email.

Alert automation enables you to run commands from within the alert to perform specific functions based on conditions that triggered the alert.

These can be controlled by the operator or run automatically and update the operator with the results.

NSC Global has taken advantage of these key Prognosis capabilities to improve root cause identification and incident resolution resulting in improved operational savings.


NSC Global Limited improved multi-vendor management by almost 50%

This case study is based on survey of IR’s customers by TechValidate, a 3rd party research service.

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