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Phenomenal support: Texas Tech University System and IR

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Texas Tech University System manages various communication systems and networks across the Texas Tech University campus. They have been an IR customer since 2015.

We spoke with Assistant Managing Director Communication Services, Richard Pickens, to hear more about how they use and benefit from the IR Collaborate solution.

Challenges faced

Before adopting IR’s Collaborate solution, Texas Tech University Systems faced difficulties in proactively monitoring their unified communications ecosystem, including phones, network routing, and identifying potential issues before receiving customer complaints.

Richard and his team needed a solution that could enhance their visibility, provide proactive monitoring capabilities, and enable them to deliver a seamless communication experience to their users.

IR Collaborate benefits

The implementation of IR Collaborate empowered Texas Tech University Systems to overcome these challenges in several ways, including:

Enhanced visibility: With IR Collaborate, Richard and his team gained comprehensive visibility into their core infrastructure, routing engines, and session managers.

“We're using IR Collaborate to monitor call quality. So, we want to know when we're having an issue with call quality, when the scores are looking low, to identify a site that we might have to visit or a server that might be having an issue,” said Richard.

IR Collaborate enables them to ensure proper functionality and detect anomalies promptly, ensuring efficient traffic flow and minimizing disruptions.

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Network monitoring: The team utilizes IR Collaborate to monitor their network, providing them with valuable insights into network performance and identifying potential issues with switches.

“We use IR Collaborate to monitor the core infrastructure to make sure that our routing engines are up. All of our session managers are talking the way that they should, traffic's flowing in the way that it should,” said Richard.

“We also use a solution to monitor the network because we don't have that inherent visibility from the network team to see what's happening. So, through IR Collaborate we are able to monitor the network, see when there are certain switches that might be having issues and then turn around and hand that over to the appropriate team,” he added.

“We use IR Collaborate to monitor pretty much everything that we have.”

Exceptional support: Richard and his team values the exceptional support provided by IR. The team has found IR's support team to be responsive, knowledgeable, and readily available whenever they require assistance. Whether through phone calls or emails, they receive timely responses, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

“Support with IR has been phenomenal. That's one of my biggest likes about IR is the fact that I can pick up my phone. I can call someone, I can speak to a real person. I can shoot an email and I get an immediate response,” said Richard.

Texas Tech University Systems use of IR Collaborate has improved operational efficiencies across the entire unified communications environment including enhancing visibility, identifying network issues and proactive monitoring to resolve issues before they happen.

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