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TUI and IR - Delivering reliability and building trust

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TUI Group is the world’s leading tourism group, servicing 27 million customers via a network of travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail shops all over the world.

Holger Moldenhauer, Senior Project Manager at TUI, shared his view on how they work with IR to execute on one of their core values – trust – by delivering a reliable, consistent, high-quality experience to their employees and customers.

The problem

Holger and his team were tasked with introducing Avaya infrastructure to service TUI’s 500 shops and contact centers throughout Europe – a critical component of which was implementing a monitoring system.

Customers often call TUI’s Contact Centers when they have encountered something unexpected on vacation, so it was essential that the customers had the best possible experience while trying to resolve their problems.

The solution

TUI were already using IR’s solutions in other parts of the business and found it ticked the boxes for their monitoring requirements, so it made sense for Holger and his team to also use IR for their Avaya infrastructure project.

They use IR Collaborate to monitor their Avaya ecosystems that service 500 locations throughout Europe.

The benefit

The team at TUI use IR Collaborate’s reporting and dashboard capabilities to manage their environments every day, with a key focus on monitoring system performance, device availability, and quality of service to customers.

“When there are issues, we are able to see very quickly what the problem is, where it is, and we can address the issue to minimize impact to the customer,” Holger said. “With this level of insight, we can get a controlled view of location availability, so if there is a failure we can take proactive action, like redirecting calls, to ensure customer experience isn’t impacted.”

“Working with IR means that we have a comprehensive tool for monitoring that adds real value to our business right out of the box.”

Holger Moldenhauer
Senior Project Manager, TUI

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