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Cabcharge needed more visibility into the Postilion platform, the application and transactions

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To provide more customised payment systems for drivers and passengers, Cabcharge executives made the decision to upgrade their payments switch.

With faster transaction processing and new products, it was critical to ensure they could manage the new system effectively and deliver the best solution possible.

CEO Andrew Skelton says

We wanted to make sure our system is not just available, but that it’s truly performing. And if issues occur, we can manage them efficiently and smoothly.


He continues “We were looking for a system that could help ensure that the transactions are processed as quickly and as seamlessly as possible, so we decided to invest in a piece of infrastructure that enhanced our product offering across the board.“

Skelton’s IT team spoke to other market leaders in the payments industry, because they were interested in how Prognosis operates and needed to ensure that they chose the right system.

Other companies in the industry recommended IR Prognosis and it was this expert recommendation that encouraged Cabcharge to investigate Prognosis.

Skelton adds “IR Prognosis helps us to deliver the level of performance that we need, and it provides us with the right information to make ongoing improvements.

At the end of the day we were looking for a product that delivers what it promises at a reasonable price.


Prognosis provides a single management view for all financial transactions through real-time dashboards.

These give immediate notification, visibility and historical analysis for slow transactions, timeouts, failures and other problems that inconvenience card holders or impact service levels.

CEO Skelton explains “We felt that the level and quality of integration and customisation within IR Prognosis was premium, and that they offered the solution we needed.”

A key advantage of Prognosis is that the monitoring of the payment switch is highly specialised.

It delivers a comprehensive view of

  • Platform performance of Postilion infrastructure including Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and Internet Information Server.

  • Postilion real time application components such as source and sync nodes, interchanges, hardware security modules (HSMs) and terminals.

  • All payment transactions with the capability to slice and dice data to provide transaction grouping by state to speed up troubleshooting.

  • The whole stack from platform through middleware and application to critical processes.

We wanted to implement something with the best possible service for our drivers and passengers, and we believe that IR Prognosis was the right solution to help operate and manage our new switch.

Andrew Skelton,
Cabcharge CEO

Skelton concludes “We spent a great deal of time talking to other businesses in the industry to evaluate Prognosis capabilities and identify how they work in reality.

“By seeing these businesses using Prognosis in their environment, we were able to see that IR Prognosis was the right fit for our system.”

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