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Prognosis delivers complex multi-vendor visibility in one place

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One of the ten largest banks in the U.S. with over 85,000 employees. Offering a wide range of retail, small business and commercial banking products and services to more than 8 million customers through its extensive network of locations.

The bank’s contact center used one vendor for voice infrastructure and various other applications: Verint call recording, eGain/VIM reporting, Nice Workforce Management Suite, etc. They needed one tool to monitor everything.


The company chose Prognosis for Contact Center (CC) to provide a global view of all their multiple systems in one screen and later Prognosis for UC too. The solution incorporates core enterprise CC and UC management and customized solutions designed and built by the IR Consulting Team.

We wanted to be able to see all vendors in one place. One pane of glass with everything on it.

Banking Executive


Single Pane of Glass

Prognosis gives the team a global view of the infrastructure in real-time. It takes 5 seconds to understand what’s happening: good or bad. This one page view for contact centers and one page for unified communications gives the team much faster turnaround on incidences. Rather than logging into multiple instances they can solve everything in one place. Issues can be pinpointed in seconds.

Reduced Incidences

Prognosis has eliminated over 100 incidences each month. In the past, the company found out about issues by users calling into the service desk. Now they’re no longer reactive, now they’re ahead of the curve: proactive. Previously the company may have gotten over 25 calls over an application not working due to low disk space. Now Prognosis alerts them in advance and they replace the disk before anyone is affected.

Implementation time was halved with IR. Professional Services were great at understanding our environment and positioning the right solution.

Vendor Neutrality

By IR being vendor neutral and multi-vendor compatible the bank has the flexibility to explore emerging technologies and know that the Prognosis platform will support any changes or additions to their solution portfolio.

We saved over 7,000 hours a year on daily infrastructure reviews alone!

Executive Relationship

The executive level relationship and ongoing partnership is crucial to company, as well as the unparalled professional services.

Despite financial incentives from competitors the company did not sway. Prognosis met their business needs and went above and beyond in their service requirements.

Customized Solutions

Developing fit for purpose customized monitoring applications through IR’s Consulting Service was a key differentiator. The integration with Verint, the development of IR’s Call Recording Assurance solution and monitoring eGain/VIM reporting when nothing existed in the market were clear indications that IR were always willing to work with the customer on their unique requirements.

Time Saving

Engineers no longer had to spend 2 hours every morning reviewing infrastructure. This affected 14 engineers and was great for morale as it prevented the team from carrying out repetitive tasks, which is always great for retaining talent.

Busy times of year such as Black Friday, Christmas and sales season are challenging for everyone. Executives want constant update reports on infrastructure health and contact center peak calls.

Before Prognosis, the teams had an avalanche of manual work to keep on top of the demands. Now they can provide much deeper visibility, radically faster. What used to take 45-50 minutes now takes 3-4 minutes and is presented in an easy to understand graphical interface from Prognosis.

IR are not hiding behind processes and tools. They are always there to respond to us quickly. The proximity of IR to us is important.

Contact Center Technical Lead

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