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IP Integration increases business efficiency and improves customer experience with Prognosis

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IP Integration Ltd. was experiencing poor voice quality and a lack of visibility into its managed Unified Communications and managed Contact Center environments.

This made it challenging to meet the business demands for managing the customer experience.

The company’s CTO Neil Boxer, evaluated experience management solutions that would enable IP Integration to:

  • Improve the efficiency of business processes
  • Achieve consistently better call quality
  • Achieve multi-vendor environment management
  • Improve the user experience
  • Improve troubleshooting
  • Reduce incident resolution time


IP Integration chose Prognosis for its ability to alert administrators to problems right across its multivendor environment before customers were affected.

It also chose Prognosis because it offers consistently better usability for call quality and communications management.

Prognosis usability has helped IP Integration achieve ROI in 3-6 months, improved incident root cause identification by up to 100% and reduced incident resolution time by up to 74%.


  • Reduced outages by up to 49%
  • Improved multi-vendor management by up to 24%
  • Improved Skype troubleshooting by up to 10%

Manage the routine, and avert the crisis

Intelligent alerting is crucial for effective UC performance management because if you’re inundated with information you may still have no idea where the problem lies.

Detecting problems when they happen is not the challenge - your customers will tell you that. Detecting symptoms that lead to problems is.

IP Integration has realised significant value from Prognosis dynamic thresholds.

Each one is finely tuned to send an alert only once certain conditions have been met over a specific period of time.

These intelligent alerts provide a link to the information that’s right at the heart of the problem.

IP Integration was able to realise almost 100% improvement in getting to the root cause to stop problems in their tracks and reducing outages by almost 50%.

With this level of insight to your systems’ availability, performance and the user experience you can make decisions based on more than guess work and your team can get on with its real job - doing better things for your business.

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