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Driving success for VodafoneZiggo

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VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company offering fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses. They are drivers of the Dutch digitization and pride themselves on delivering “enjoyment and progress with every connection.”

We spoke with Arjan Thijssen, Manager Avaya and Richard de Jong, Team Leader 2nd Line Operations, Avaya at VodafoneZiggo to find out how IR Collaborate helps them manage voice quality, improve efficiencies and drive success for their business.

The problem

Arjan and Richard are responsible for managing the wellbeing of the Avaya platforms that power the VodafoneZiggo 4,000-agent-strong customer contact center.

Being a joint venture of Liberty Global, the biggest international TV and broadband internet company, and Vodafone Group, one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies, they experienced some challenges bringing the two platforms together and identifying voice quality issues across their vast ecosystem.

“We were having reports from agents about bad audio quality, but we were having trouble understanding the issues and pinpointing what was causing it,” said Richard.

The solution

VodafoneZiggo became an IR customer in early 2021. They use IR Collaborate for monitoring call and network quality, SBCs and voice recordings in their customer contact center to improve management, operations and customer experience.

The benefits

Using IR Collaborate, VodafoneZiggo were able to streamline many areas of their contact center management and provide a more efficient service.

When migrating their legacy Vodafone communications platform to the Ziggo platform, Collaborate helped them make the transition as smooth as possible by proactively identifying hundreds of incorrectly configured combinations.

Richard said of the migration, “We would have had a lot of issues after going live. But Collaborate helped us avoid that scenario and make sure everything was properly configured beforehand.”

With a dashboard built to monitor inactive Avaya stations, they saw that less than 5,000 stations were being used, despite having 11,000 stations configured. This allowed them to tidy up some of the “garbage” in their platform and optimize their license utilization, by providing a clear picture of their actual needs.

The additional insights enabled by IR’s solutions have allowed VodafoneZiggo to improve their contact center agent management, streamline costs, be more proactive, and offer a better experience for their customers.

With IR, the VodafoneZiggo team have found the solution they need, both technically and operationally.

“I’ve seen different tools that look really fancy and pretty, but they’re not easy to use. With IR, you have the dashboard, and you see every status and exactly how it works – you don’t have to go searching for what you need,” said Richard.

Arjan added, “IR shows real partnership and has great customer experience – it’s been a flawless implementation from your side. The partnership and the commitment that IR shows is one of the key success drivers.””

Richard de Jong
Team Leader 2nd Line Operations, Avaya, VodafoneZiggo

Arjan Thijssen
Manager Avaya, VodafoneZiggo

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