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IR Prognosis enables automated UC health check reports for Telindus

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Telindus, is a leader in converged ICT and telecom services in Luxembourg. They provide comprehensive Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions to companies of all size and vertical. Telindus’ expertise includes public administrations, fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructures, the cloud and cybersecurity.

Telindus had a lack of visibility on what was happening on the customer side; waiting for customers to report issues. The limited troubleshooting capability and prolonged time to troubleshoot made resolving issues difficult. Limited reports available cemented the issues.

“We didn’t have enough info to go deep and solve issues. With Prognosis we have tons of comprehensive reports for our engineers and comprehendible reports for our customers.”


When moving away from Cisco Prime Prognosis was the obvious choice. Today Telindus use Prognosis for UC (Service Provider Edition) for Cisco HCS, Skype for Business and UC Assessor across 25,000 UC seats.


Save Time

Telindus gain 2 hours every morning due to automated health checks.

Engineers used to manually perform this sanity check every day; now Prognosis does it automatically.

It takes Telindus less than half the time to troubleshoot issues with Prognosis. They don’t waste time searching for information: it’s easily available and they are much more efficient.

For one large enterprise banking customer Telindus used to spend 3 days preparing and presenting reports each month. Now Prognosis does the work and these customized reports get prepared and sent automatically to their customer.

There are less issues concerning the quality of phones.

Save Relationships

By using Prognosis, the customer confidence increased with Telindus providing quality information via dashboards and reports.

“Seeing is believing, customers want dashboards.”

The multi-tenancy troubleshooting and reports with Prognosis is much more comprehensive in comparison to what they had previously. For example, they weren’t able to slice and dice dashboards in the past.

Telindus are using Prognosis reports to help other teams too e.g. if there is an issue with the network they send network reports to the team responsible. With 50% of their customers on networks managed by Telindus this is a great help.

With Prognosis they can identify whether the Quality of Service was implemented correctly, wrong configuration, etc.

Save the Day

Prognosis helped solve another enterprise customer’s pain point for Telindus. Each day the customer complained. When Prognosis was expanded by Path Insight, Telindus increased the visibility end-to end. The issue was immediately pinpointed: a fault on the switch level, which was impossible to uncover without Prognosis.

Telindus maintain and continuously expand the quality of their services to customers, IR helps them to differentiate their offering. IR Prognosis is not only helping Telindus to actively win new business each day but also to do more business with existing customers.

“We save 2 hours every morning on our daily status reports alone. What used to be a manual sanity check from our engineers is now automated by Prognosis.”

Augustin Ramazani
Head of Operational Unit,
Unified Collaboration Services

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