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Transforming Patient Experience with Streamlined Communication Tools

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This healthcare provider has been a leading hospital for the treatment of cancer and allied diseases in the Americas for more than 30 years.

They use IR Collaborate to stay on top of their Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) ecosystem, to ensure they can deliver the best possible patient experience.

The problem

This healthcare provider has an extensive UCC ecosystem spanning multiple platforms like Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc. The company also operates its contact centers from multiple geographic locations, with data stored on multiple servers attached to each of these locations, thus grappling with siloed systems. The dispersed, disconnected nature of their legacy systems meant they needed to log into each server individually to monitor local alerts and keep their systems running efficiently.

Not only was this process an inefficient use of time and IT resources, it also delayed proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution, potentially impacting patient care.

The solution

They chose IR Collaborate to provide a unified view on a single pane of glass across all of their servers and platforms, which provides the critical foundation for their entire UCC ecosystem. This transformative solution empowered the IT team to proactively monitor alerts and address issues in real-time, safeguarding seamless patient care delivery.

The benefit

In scenarios requiring medical isolation or restricted visitation, video calls serve as a vital link between patients and their support networks.

IR Collaborate facilitates the management of this healthcare provider's diverse UCC tools and platforms, including Cisco, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and audio/video equipment in patient rooms.

Through proactive monitoring, real-time alerts, rapid troubleshooting, and detailed analytics, the IT team at this healthcare provider can quickly identify and address call quality issues.

This means patients have a seamless UCC experience, stay connected with their loved ones, and ultimately receive higher-quality care from this provider.

The way forward

This healthcare provider will continue to leverage the IR Collaborate suite of solutions to better leverage the video devices in patient rooms and further enhance patient experience.

They plan to expand the use of their in-room devices to facilitate patient interactions with care providers from other locations, meaning patients will be able to access doctors, specialists, and other medical experts from a wider network that they may not have otherwise had access to.

In these situations, the criticality of a high-quality UCC experience cannot be overstated. With IR, this healthcare provider has taken a significant step towards proactive problem-solving and streamlined communication, which will ultimately enhance patient experience and deliver a higher quality of care.

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