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Rabobank Monitors Transactions 24/7

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Rabobank, a global leader in the banking industry, authorizes 1.3 billion card transactions a year.

In order to provide 24/7 operations and support, Rabobank was looking for a software infrastructure that supported BASE24-eps.


  • The Prognosis Dashboard shows real time transaction information.
  • The Insight module retains transaction data for future inspection.
  • Rabobank’s previous experience with Prognosis made the choice easy
“Your first choice to make is your migration strategy and then choose the tools that will fit that.”

The Results:

  • Process managers leverage Prognosis’ customized dashboard and alerts

  • 24/7 transaction activities are supported.

  • Rabobank was able to ensure smooth migration using Prognosis.

To provide 24/7 operations and support, they had to move to an entirely different software infrastructure that supported BASE24-eps. Rabobank decided to begin a project to migrate their card payment system from the NonStop platform to IBM z/OS.

Rabobank realized early on that they needed to base their migration strategy on a functional perspective that fit their organization’s needs. Some types of payments would go through the new BASE24-eps z/OS system, while others would remain in NonStop, using BASE24 classic.

To ensure smooth migration and provide customer support, Rabobank required a robust monitoring solution that retained all transactions. They also needed ongoing monitoring of hardware related activities so that process managers could assess whether the new system was performing on par or better than the previous solution. According to Rabobank, financial institutions should choose a strategy first, and then choose the tools that will support that vision. Rabobank has a longstanding relationship with IR, including more than 10 years of experience using Prognosis with their NonStop platform. They decided that Prognosis would be an ideal solution to assist with the migration to z/OS. Regardless of whether transactions were performed on the old or new platform, they would all appear on the same dashboard, allowing Rabobank to see how customers were affected by the transition. Rabobank developed a special dashboard together with IR in order to monitor all transactions in realtime, while Insight stored those transactions in case customers had an inquiry at a later date.

Prognosis was working immediately out-of-the-box, which wasn’t always the case with software that Rabobank had encountered over the last few years. In just one afternoon, Rabobank was able to connect the new platform to the managing server for Prognosis. Prognosis’ Insight module was installed to allow Rabobank to keep track of transaction data, while the team at IR assisted with dashboard and alert customization.

“The team at IR helped us look at the entire picture we wanted to achieve.”

Fred Khoshegal
IT Netherlands
Rabobank Group

The solution now monitors all financial transactions, which gives Rabobank the ability to see that their migration has been successful. Alerts were specifically tailored to meet Rabobank’s needs, and the IR team gave them an understanding of how to leverage the solution over the long term. Rabobank was happy that working with outside consultants allowed them to fulfill the goal of helping the customer use their debit card in a more convenient way.

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