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HCL needed a global view of a multi-vendor UC environment that included Avaya and Cisco PBXs and some legacy equipment.

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HCL Technologies supplies VoIP troubleshooting, reporting and service level measurement for one of the largest electric distribution and transmission systems in America.

To achieve this HCL needed a global view of a multi-vendor UC environment that included Avaya and Cisco PBXs and some legacy equipment.

This would allow it to control all systems centrally and reduce management time, training and resources.

Value and speed

IR’s Consulting Services worked with HCL to provide the Prognosis Implementation Accelerator Service.

This service delivers rapid installation of IR Prognosis spanning environments from single server to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

Insightful and Effective

With Prognosis, HCL gained a comprehensive and detailed view of the client’s multi-vendor UC environment.

Automated management reports give HCL statistics on weekly and monthly performance of the global network, or they can be created ondemand.

This assists the IT team to quickly grasp system status and enhances its ability to troubleshoot problems and meet its service levels.

What’s more, detailed performance allows IT staff to plan capacity more accurately for their client’s telephony system. This helps to ensure that resources are deployed where they are needed and upgrades can be scheduled to suit budget cycles.

Rapid response to issues

HCL can react quickly to system problems through an alerting system that flags real-time device events and faults.

These alerts have been crafted from over 25 years of Prognosis being on the front line of customers around the world.

Prognosis connects the dots from a detailed history of past trends that trigger intelligent alerts so staff can manage the full extent of issues.

Following the alerts’ blueprint staff can take action fast by viewing all the elements involved, and the related diagnostic information.

Prognosis can prescribe recovery with predefined action paths for common system problems.

It can even automate commands to run defined recovery procedures.

And because problem prediction, prescription and automation work seamlessly with Prognosis security, the right people always have control.

Only authorized people and processes will have access to these autonomic actions.

Alert thresholds are customized and can be fine-tuned so alert floods don’t occur, while taking into account scheduled peaks, troughs and outages.

Administrators have a choice of alerts types , including email and SNMP traps integrated with the their Manager of Managers, and can use a console on their desktops for a complete view of current and previous issues.

Ease of use

The Prognosis platform can be accessed with any modern web browser. It provides a secure and flexible way to access information in real time from just about any location.

Browser access is highly customizable, providing individuals, groups of users and administrators with as much or as little information as they need.

Fast Time to Value

The small footprint of Prognosis enables rapid deployment so that it can start delivering value very quickly.

By partnering with IR Consulting, HCL Technologies made the process even faster while ensuring comprehensive coverage for its client’s complex multi-vendor environment.

The Prognosis Implementation Accelerator Service is designed to achieve the fastest, most cost effective software deployment possible.

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