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One of America’s top telcos keeps their employees connected with IR

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The purpose of telecommunications companies centers around innovation, reliability, and enabling connection. One of America’s largest telcos, with hundreds of thousands of employees, uses IR’s solutions to deliver on that purpose and keep their people connected.

The problem

When designing, implementing, and supporting IP telephony systems for internal employees, this telco needed a tool that would help them monitor performance while replacing legacy PBX systems with VoIP telephony, and also enable ongoing management and optimization.

The solution

They use IR Collaborate for monitoring, alerting, reporting on, and optimizing their eight separate internal Cisco IP telephony systems.

The benefit

Keeping hundreds of thousands of internal users connected is no small task. With an extensive, complex internal network and so many moving parts, problems inevitably arise. And with multiple internal teams managing different elements, the root cause of issues is not always clear.

They provided an example of network outages going undetected and being reported by end users as VoIP system issues. Not only was this impacting performance metrics, but it also meant they were wasting time investigating the source of the problem and how to fix it.

Using Collaborate’s alerting capabilities, they created a customized notification that helped to proactively identify when a network issue was impacting VoIP availability.

“Now, before I get a single user ticket, I get an alert from Collaborate that tells me a group of phones are offline in a particular area. Then I can open a ticket to inform the network team telling them they have a problem and where that problem is happening,” says a representative.

The way forward

While the telco will continue to monitor their internal telephony platforms using IR Collaborate, they also plan to add Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to the list.

“SBCs are vital in VoIP infrastructure. Almost every internal call will route through our Oracle SBCs, so it’s critical we can see their performance in real-time and get on top of any issues quickly. Collaborate will help us do that,” says the representative.

These are just a couple of examples of how Collaborate enables more efficient cross-team collaboration, improves VoIP performance, and helps this telco provide a better, more connected experience for their internal users.

“Collaborate gives us quicker problem identification and resolution,” they sum up. “I would definitely recommend IR – I only have good things to say.”

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