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CSI Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Prognosis for Payments

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Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) is one of the nation’s largest providers of dynamic technology solutions that help financial institutions and corporate entities remain competitive, compliant and profitable. CSI’s end-to-end technology solutions range from core banking and Internet banking solutions to compliance monitoring and secure document management. The company strives to deliver the best industry solutions, and backs them with the highest levels of personal customer service.

CSI Solutions

  • Core bank processing

  • Mobile and Internet banking

  • Electronic & Print Distribution

  • Managed Services

  • Payments processing

  • Regulatory compliance

Operational Efficiency

CSI relies on Prognosis Solutions for Postilion to ensure operational efficiency by streamlining the steps required from the time an error occurs to the time an operator is alerted to the error. This solution allows operators to respond to errors in real time.

Before Prognosis, CSI experienced delays in error alerts by 30 to 40 minutes. Prognosis operates on a single core that collects, centralizes and configures information, delivering it to the right CSI operator in seconds.

“I recommend Prognosis for the ease of installation and the ease of configuration. I trained an operator in just two days on how to create new custom screens for our monitoring department. Prognosis is very simple to operate.”

Chad Rodriguez
Director of Host Operations
Computer Services, Inc

Service Level Enablement

Prognosis helps CSI set and meet service level agreements, performance and reliability objectives. It also allows CSI to review historical service levels through historical replay before agreeing to new targets. The Prognosis solution also proactively warns about situations that have the potential to impact achieving SLA commitments.

Real-Time Monitoring

Prognosis allows CSI operators to see specific dollar amounts going through the system in real time. Any alerts are immediately addressed. Error elimination significantly accelerates processing efficiency to meet critical deadlines, including Federal compliance deadlines.

Single Architecture. Single Operational View.

Along with Prognosis giving CSI operators real-time insight into the state and performance of the Postilion internal and environmental dependencies, this Prognosis solution combines Postilion application and core infrastructure management into a single architecture. At the same time, the Prognosis Solution centralizes management and monitoring into a single operational view. Prognosis integrates seamlessly across CSI’s entire Postilion and enterprise IT environment.

“A couple years ago, we went through a conversion from one platform to another platform. We changed over hardware as well as software. Using Prognosis, we monitored everything in real time. We knew instantly when there was a problem.”

Chad Rodriguez
Director of Host Operations
Computer Services, Inc

Prognosis Integration with Postilion Management Data

This unique solution brings detailed information into view, giving CSI upto-the-minute status on items such as transaction responses, request response times, Postilion system throughput, and store-and-forward queue sizes.

Key Benefits of Prognosis Solutions for Postilion

  • Centralized real-time performance monitoring

  • Single management tool with views

  • Visibility in one application

  • Inherent facilities for dashboarding, reporting and alerting

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