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Wipro was tasked to manage a multi- national company’s global Cisco IP telephony system

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Wipro was tasked to manage a multinational company’s global Cisco IP telephony system. This meant bringing the right combination of products and service expertise to create a solution.

The first challenge Wipro faced was to monitor the performance of its client’s global VoIP infrastructure and assess its impact on voice quality.

Wipro’s client had been experiencing voice quality problems for a while, but there was no way to correlate the impact network performance might be having.

Prognosis for UC with more than a decade’s expertise on the front line of global companies offered the solution.

Effective collaboration

Wipro worked closely with IR Consulting to deliver the Prognosis Implementation Accelerator Service.

The service delivers rapid installation of Prognosis across a range of environments, from single-server to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

Rediscover your UC environment

A number of tiers were created to segregate functions while at the same time enabling centralized management.

The base cluster tier incorporated four clusters spread across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Included in this tier were branches using router based VoIP and email.

The monitoring tier above consolidated statistics from these clusters into a Prognosis monitoring server, co-residing with a standby high-availability server.

This server forwarded consolidated data to the managing and reporting tier at the top of the hierarchy.

This structure gave Wipro improved control and fine-grained visibility into its client’s Cisco IP client’s worldwide IP telephony system.

Management reports give Wipro statistics on weekly and monthly performance of the Cisco network. These can be created on-demand, and automatically sent to designated staff.

IT staff can rapidly grasp systems status and enhance their ability to troubleshoot problems to meet and even exceed service levels.

The proactive problem solver

The Wipro team has designed customized thresholds to monitor system health, detect real-time device events and faults, and send alerts.

The alerts have been integrated with the Wipro Manager of Managers via SNMP traps so the voice team can quickly react to issues or even prevent problems before they occur.

Anytime anywhere

Prognosis can be accessed with the Prognosis client or any modern web browser.

This provides a secure and flexible way to access information in real time from just about any location.

Browser access is highly customizable, providing individuals, groups of users and administrators with as much or as little information as they need. And role based security ensures that only the people who need to have access to the information.

Fast time to value

Because it has a small footprint, Prognosis was able to be deployed rapidly.

And the ability to create a streamlined management hierarchy delivered fast time to value with active insights through immediate ecosystem visibility.

The Prognosis Implementation Accelerator Service is designed to achieve the fastest, most costeffective software deployment possible.

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